Friday, 22 June 2007

Lano's new board

Well I took the plunge this week and bought my first ever new board. Big thanks to Pete at Onbord for his help and service (and not a bad deal either me thinks)

I decided to go up in size to maximise Adelaides fickle winter conditions and to be up and cruising all summer. My previous board, a 1996 Bic Vivace is getting a little tired, collapsed foot straps, big dents, a dodgey repair from when we left it in the sun in 2000. I have been eyeing off new boards for years so thought it was about time. I went for the 2007 Starboard Carve 122 ltr, was looking at 111 ltrs but thought it would be too similar in size to what I ride now. Heres a pic of my new board and Phoebe on her 5th birthday!

I so excited!

Happy birthday gorgeous!

Also thought I would also post up a new sail I purchased for Kyms and my aniversary last month, this sail looks indestructable, which is a good thing as I, especially, have a reputation for putting limbs through sails!

The sail I got was a 5.0mtr, will be great for wave sailing and real windy days for me, dont ya love the black?

Footnote: Conrats to Giampaolo Cammarotta on his Windsurfing magazine feature, keep up the good work brah! You can see GP's blog here....