Sunday, 28 June 2009

Say it isnt so!

My usual 'walk off shame' pose! In my defence, it has been super gusty, I fly out about 600 metres, jumps, planing all the way, turn (its nice to gybe on 3 metre high swells), then try come back in, point down wind to get going, end up pushing too far downwind and ending up near the kiters!

The locals are always saying, rig big, its not that windy, but you look out and it looks like a white out! The wind has had a fair bit of north in it, meaning, apparently, that the wind looks stronger that it actually is!

Kym in usual flat out mode.....

With only 4 days to go on our holiday, the thoughts of leaving this amazing island are starting to surface. We have really scored with the wind, sailing all but one day this trip and even that day we could have sailed (as it was 35knots all day!), but it was Phoebes birthday!

Its Saturday now, the wind looks not too bad this morning, for the rest of the day, should be similar to the last 3 days, sort of light, but nicely powered up on a 5.2. The following 2-3 days are looking a bit light, so we could be resuming the mantle of 'tourists'.

Looking for divine inspiration, Not sure he found it.....

Over the past three days we have sailed a fair bit, we did manage to get up to 'The Needle' for a squiz at the river and the park up in the western highlands. Lovely spot.

Ricko rocked up for a week, on his way to the mainland for a family break, so we have got him a beginner kit and a few sails, so he can too shred up Kanaha. Rick did have a lesson, but
really didnt need one, as he pretty much jumped on the board, threw a few tacks, a few gybes and then worked on his beach starts, all in the first hour! Show off!

Nearly in the footstraps and harness on day two! Nice one mate!

These guys were going so fast the didnt even realise they had run out of water!

Stuart had a bin named after thoughtful

And just to show you some of my progress.......If only we could sail everyday for three weeks back in Adelaide.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Rest Day


With 11 days straight windy days, our arms and bodies were in need of a rest, so Phoebes birthday (Sunday) was declared a rest day. This was booked in months ago to be honest as we were very concious of not boring Phoebe to tears with endless days on the beach while we windsurf. We still get a few complaints from our junior division most mornings as we prepare for the beach, but its funny how she complains and stamps her feet a bit then once we are there plays in the surf, catches small crabs and snorkels for 6 hours, she really is a treasure.

Nice stance. American lady looking for Korean Missiles!

windy day Southside,

So with Phoebe calling the shots for her birthday, Ocean World got the nod. We have been there four times in the last four years and we are never dissapointed with the entertainment and displays they provide. It was soooo windy at Maalea on Sunday, windiest I have ever experienced on Maui, must have been the ventrical effect of the wind funnelling through the middle of the island (this effect is also the reason Kehei is sometimes a better place to sail than the north shore)

Fishy fish,

Hammertime. Cant touch this!

Austalia's leading Marine Biologist


After being educated about the local marine life and some very interesting talks by the excellent guides at the centre, we ventured out to Lahaina for a bite to eat, Phoebe was keen for a lunch spot we went to last year that had a roof top graden and a live band.

More tourists

Problem was, the highway to Lahaina was blocked due to a nasty little bush fire, not 200 metres from Ocean World. We had a good view of it all unfolding from the Maalea harbour carpark and stood helpless as the fire destroyed a house and some beach side pergola's. The fire departmant really had their hands full, what with cars everywhere on a busy Sunday afternoon, as well as ridiculously strong winds whipping the fire in all directions. The fire department even called in the water chopper, quite a frightening ordeal. We havent heard too much since it occured, apart from a few accounts of miracles as fire went right around their properties.

So with Lahaina out of the picture we headed to kehei for a bite to eat at a Mexican place on the main drag. I think it was called 'Freds', I dont know too many mexicans called Fred.

Margaritta's anyone?

Mama's Fish House beach, not a bad little spot for snorkelling and a recap from Ocean World.

Phoebe in snorkelling mode,

Sailing yesterday (Monday) was crazy winds, gusty 25-40 knots at times, so was a frustrating over powered struggle, but no complaints, we all learnt something. Hoping today will be a little more subdued. From where I sit now, it looks like a 5.2 day :)

Monday, 22 June 2009

Phoebe's 7th birthday

Kym on the Naish

Pavillions at sunset on Friday, some nice swell kicked in today

These crabs at Kanaha will never be the same again! Pretty sure we have caught them all now

The advantages of having a holiday in Maui and combining your 7th birthday are numerous. Firstly, you get to hang out on a beach and swim in nice warm water all day, play with the other kids on vacation, have windsurfing lessons, boogy board, catch fish, crabs and other marine life. But secondly and most importantly, you get to have two birthdays, as Maui is 10 hours behind Adelaide time, Phoebe has wangled a 48 hour birthday extraveganza! Saturday 20th (Maui time) was presents and dinner at the Paia Fish Cafe, followed by gelati over the road. Today is going to be even bigger, we have named it Phoebe Day! Firstly, breakfast at Anthony's, most likely belgian waffles and fruit, whipped cream with a passion guava chaser. Then off to Ocean World for the day, followed by a lazy afternoon in Lahaina - gonna be a big day.

Sailing has been great the last few days, with winds in the 25-35 knots range, all of us well powered up. Kym has been back on her 65 ltr board (currently using a naish wave pro) and her 3.6 mtr sail. I struggled a bit on a 4.7 yesterday, never thought that would happen, might need to look at downsizing the board to an 86 ltr, but I love the 92ltr, its just too big for the chop.
Arlo and Anita are flying along on 77 ltr boards and 3.4 and 4.2 sails, so the trades are definately filling in now.
Yesterday at Kanaha there was a round of the Maui Racing Series. These guys and girls are amazing, so much action in yesterdays racing, especially in the Pro and Semi Pro division. Kevin Pritchard took out the meet, on borrow gear, his brothers boom, an old proto Starboard and one of his spare race sails (he only had a 6mtr) - So to beat the like of Mcgain, Bozianis and Agillera was a pretty special effort.

Paia looking back towards Kahalui

Saturday, 20 June 2009

It just keeps getting better

Hitching a ride....

Waiting for the set wave

Class of 09, all these kids are great sailors!


Sorry for the lack of posting, but I have been so stuffed at the end of the day, just enough time (and energy) to check blog, Facebook, email, then off to bed.....

Basically our routine is now, get up at 7.30am, breakkie, take Phoebe to windsurfing lessons, sit on beach to watch that while watching the world go by, sail for 3-4 hours in afternoon, have beer o'clock at 5-6pm, home for dinner, shower, bed. Everyday!

Its Phoebes birthday on Sunday, so its 'do what ever she wants to do day', looks like Ocean World at Maaleea is going to get a work out, as well as Pinata's for dinner. The wind is looking like it will be nuclear force on Sunday with a predicted 35-45mph forecast (depending on who you talk to) so Sunday might be a good day to rest.

This is not a walk of shame by any stretch! I was down at lowers practicing gybes, managing to pull 4 out of 10 attempts (100% gybes not far away - a lesson might just sort this all out)

I sailed on a 4.7 today, which is rare for me, but not in Maui! It was awesome winds yesterday, averaging at least 30 knots all day, and peaking at around the 43 knots mark. I managed to sail up to the waves at Camp One for the first time ever. Had a bit of a play in the waves, but was too over powered when I got there to try too much, so just cruised around watching the guys jumping and riding the small waves. Super cool, easily the best sail of the trip. Its best described in video, I too lots of footage, so I will try and get it up tonight.

Big Goya and Quatro Demo day planned for today, so will get some cool piccies and board / sail reports for you all.

is that right? (sign on Paia corner)

Til tomorrow.......

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Not so windy, but plenty of swell south side

Maui - kym and a bit of surfing at La Perouse from Dave Lane on Vimeo.

Wind has been a bit light, especially for us heavy weights, so the girls have been scoring in the lighter winds and on our bigger gear,

After a few good days of sailing we decided to check out the south side as well, we werent left dissappointed, some great surfers in the place.

Could be another light day tomorrow, so might head south for a gentle surf session at Kehei......

I have a head cold....who gets a cold in Maui?

Sunday, 14 June 2009

We didnt win the lotto.....

Da beach

Steve and Anita

Already the thoughts of how we can stay in Maui indefinately are creeping into our heads. Could we get jobs? (who wants to work here?) Could we buy a business? Can we get a green card? None of these ideas were appealing, let alone possible, so it was decided we had to win the english lotto. We have two tickets each Thursday for the next three weeks, that will hopefully mean we can stay here forever! Unfortunately we were unsuccessful last night, no emails from the british pools to alert us of our winnings - email must be down

Some random tourists at Kanaha

So with the knowledge of our new found wealth, we headed to Kanaha again, for another cruisey day on the beach, ran into a few Aussie, Peter Ross (OES Boards) and Ian and Michael from North Sydney, who seemed like great chaps!

Kym stalked Tatiana Howard out at the reef at uppers, as she was SUP with the Naish crew and Anita was getting run over at lowers by blind windsurfers

Money doesnt grow on trees, but harnesses do

Just get in da water!

Steaks all round

Footnote (hahah) : I am still running, trying to run at least 3kms a day, first day was a 6km horror uphill thrashing, that really wasnt appreciated and today was a 3km jog to run off the aches of sailing for the last two days - how do I stop sweating in the tropics? Tips appreciated

Friday, 12 June 2009

Maui - A nice easy day to settle in......

Happy Lano!
After yesterdays chaos in airports, transit lounges with face masked tourists (still makes me laugh - they all look like extras in Greys Anatomy) we arrived in Maui around 1.30 yesterday afternoon, grabbed our rental car from Aloha Rental, cheap and cheerful, settled into our digs upcountry and chilled out for the afternoon watching one of 400 cable tv channels. Kym and Phoebe were trashed, but still managed to sleep through last night as well.

looks like that engine has scrapped along the tarmac a few times, we got there OK though,

Phoebe in Honolulu
I got up this morning, went for a cruisey 6km run down through some pineapple fields and Eco friendly villages - bloody hell running in the tropics is hot work, we are staying in quite a hilly area, so I might try and find some flat ground for a few of these runs. We then got ready for the beach with a quick breakie at Antony's in Paia, waffles and eggs benedict were the faves, not a bad coffee there either.

Hawaiian Island looked after our rental kit, they have a newer range this year, which was great, so much range to choose from and great friendly service. Arlo and Anita offered to pack their van with all the kit to free up some room in ours, as you can see they are very talented at the rig load......almost anal about where everything goes.....

Mr and Mrs Neat Freak

If you need me, this is where I will be for three weeks........actually, dont call....

da van

Sailing today was gusty, a 5.5 day for me though. I was on a 101 JP Freestyle wave ( I have the 92 ltr version at home). The wind was reading 16-23 mph, gusting up to 30 mph, but it was very sailable for me, I didnt get onto the water until quite late, as Kym was first into the water and I was snorkelling with Phoebe at the Keiki beach with some of the locals. Phoebe is such a treasure and is fully aware of mum and dads obsession, or is it because she just got a new boogy board and flippers from K mart!? No, she really is a legend.


Hot chicks on the beach

Arlo and his toys

I sailed till about 5.30 solid, was well powered up, popping little jumps and even nailing three gybes, tried some tacks, but was too unco to get any right, plenty of time to work on those.

Beers at the end of the day is always compulsory, it would be un-australian to not have one (2), we have set the rules though that all kit has to be packed away before we have a drink, otherwise we would never leave the carpark.

Hurry up girls, the boys are getting thristy

'Pinata's for dinner tonight, yummy and easy! Mexican food is aways good after a sail...
Till tomorrow peoples,