Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Not long now.....

Where is the wind?

Well not long to go until our holiday in Maui, we are getting a little excited to say the least. It would be nice if we could get some sailing practice in before we leave but mother nature is giving the wind machine a rest at the moment in SA. Havent sailed for 5 weeks, its almost as if my new trailer has jinxed the wind.

So with no wind there has not been much to do but catch up with family, have a birthday, get ready for Phoebes birthday and basically just hang out and wait for our holiday!

Heres a bit of a run down of whats been going on.........

Four generations of 'the girls' in the Symo clan!

Crazy windless skys in Adelaide - (Seacliff / looking back to brighton for all you google earth freaks)

Susie and Dean saying goodbye on the weekend, have a great trip guys.....gonna be warmer where we are going :) Miss youse already

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, Kym organised a present for me, a new waterproof camera. Its a Oregon Scientific ATC 2K Action cam. Its SD card compatible, has built in microphone, three resolution settings, is bloody easy to use which is fine by me. I will do some testing in the weekend, may kick off with a quick mountain bike ride on Saturday morning and a car drive in the morning (could probably mount it to the roof racks?)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Opinions please

Old Faithful - 4 Mega pixels, 5x optical zoom...

I am looking at upgrading our trusty old, cheapie, Kodak digital camera. What cost us $250 a few years back has served us well, even if its a bit clunky it still takes a decent shot most times. The draw back I find with it, is its long distance ability and its battery life being a tad short. But for $250 its not a bad little camera.

As we do lots of outdoors activities, sailing, windsurfing etc, though it might be an idea to get a digital SLR. So good friend Susie has one for sale, a Fuji Film S9500 Finepix. She wants $400 for it (second hand)

Now I am a newbie when it comes to photography, not much of a skilled operator, more a point and shoot kind of guy. Is this camera going to still be that?

I have played around with it for a few days and its seems to be quite user friendly, has some nice features, Macro, built in flash, anti shake function, movie mode (26 minutes only) as well as plenty on tunability. Our old camera was just simple, select mode, point shoot, wait for auto focus to capture, then it would fire off. To me this is the biggest advantage so far, the shutter speed.

Other benefits, not motor to focus lense, this chews the batteries, its also nicer weight in your hand.

Now, I am hoping there are some photo nerds out there that can give me some insight etc as to if this camera is what I need.
Main use - Sports / outdoor photography, small videos every now and again.
PS: Looking at getting a Go Pro when I get a round to ordering one....will be a fine toy to play with in Maui!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Happy Birthday to me.....

39 yesterday :(
A pretty uneventful day, a few drinks at the pub, pizza and pasta with Phoebe at Rimini's in Blackwood, in bed this the end?
Maui countdown - 25 working days today!