Sunday, 3 February 2008

Beachport - Speed weekend

I had last week off work to spend with Phoebe and basically relax. Over the course of three - four days I went to the Zoo, The Museum, 2 kids movies (Bee Movie, Golden Compass), a bike ride along the river and to a Hi Five Concert (hmmmm Charlie). As much as it was relaxing, it sure takes a lot out of you - beats working though :)

We also booked in another weekend at Beachport, our favourite windsurfing destination in South Australia. The KA Sails Windsurfing Speed Challenge was taking place over the long weekend and we were keen to get down and support the event. The wind through the week had been going off, constant 25-35knots all week, so we were looking forward to getting into some of that, but it didnt really go to script! The weather was great, but the wind deserted us to some extent. We had good winds on the Saturday, around the 18-23 knot mark at times, but was really flukey, not good for trying to crack that 30 knot mark (I only pushed out a 23.3 for the weekend - well short of my PB or 28!) Kym struggled with pace as well and concentrated on quantity not quality. She ended up sailing a combined distance of 60 nautical miles for the weekend, not fast, but steady - top speed 23.4knts. One of the local lads, Tim, sailed 102knots on Saturday night alone! Sicko!

Heres a few a photos of the weekend.....
'South Australian Girls Speed Team', Susie, Kym and future world champion Phoebe
The boys settling into a few evening brews, ready to watch the crusty demons style show, the local lads were pretty good motorcross riders, apparently they rode until 3am!

How much gear can you put on a car?

Lake George in all its glory! Where'd the water go?

KA Sails new 'quad boomed' model.....

Dunes near Lake George