Friday, 22 January 2010

Cya Trev

Trevor passed away today after a liver issue became unmanagable, he was the best mate I ever had, the best dog to ever live!

He could talk, walk backwards, sit, stay, heel, guard our house, chase off pesky foxes, hang out in the hood even when he though we didnt know, sleep in cars for hours, wee on kiters, avoid snakes, play with kids forever, give us attitude when he didnt get his way, chase cats, sheep, cows and birds, never gave you the ball when he fetched it, always swam in the river / ocean puddle when it was there, babysat Phoebe often, loved his life as much as we love him!

Really gonna miss ya buddy, x

SUP at U-Turns

The gun, 10'6 FWS Fanatic Fly, Fckn love it!

These cheeky SUPS after work are becoming a regular thing for me and the crew, caught some sweet little lefts at U-Turns last night with Brett, Richard, Ty and Russ, Two hour de-'stress' is the best way to end any day!

The waves were around the 2 foot mark, nice A frame to launch, then a great inside section that walled up for a speedy run to the beach every time. I know they were only small waves, but so much fun, cant wait for the weekend to get back out there.

Is it wrong to be hoping for no wind and a bit more swell? I am so confused......

Russ in cruise mode

Oily seas at Seaford

Ty in the background, mid bottom turn....get out of the way Bretto!

Ty going right

Brett on his way out

Richard on that sweet inside section

Richard looking for his prescription sunnies, but....wouldnt he need his sunnies to look for his sunnies?

Still looking....

One more shot of my board, did I say I really like it?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cheeky SUP after work

Had a cheeky SUP session after work today, finished work at 5.15, pick up Phoebe at 5.45, rush home, banana, SUP on roof, charge down to South Port river mouth with the rest of the ONBOARD crew, caught some nice waves, lefts, rights, hit the reef a few times, shared a few, hung out with some great people.
The surf beast!

Pete, Scotty Mac, Steve and the pilates lady!

Here's hoping for more of the same on the weekend,

Monday, 11 January 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a week and bit off work this Christmas, just the week between Christmas and New Years, more than enough time to recharge the batteries. Time was spent hanging with family and a few days at Beachport and Robe.

Phoebe does her best hovercraft impersonation

Kym had a few drinks

Christmas was split over a week this year, with my family all heading off in all directions this year, so a nice lunch was had up at dads, bit of pool time, a few wines, very relaxing time indeed. I did have a laugh at the conversation that I had with my sibblings about the fact that we hadnt had a decent arguement at a christmas show for a while, if ever. So we sat around all afternoon working out what we could argue about......nup, got nothing! I think this is what I like most about my family, never any issues too big to simply talk it over.....I love them all!

I got Richard this nice handbag, suits him dont you think.

Kym got me this awesome Stand Up Paddle board for Christmas, I am so lucky to get such a sweet present, its already got a big work out, cant wait to put a sail on it in marginal conditions - I am also lucky to have such a great wife!

Phoebe and her friend Lilli at Semaphore...'If ya need'

After the Christmas break we headed down to Beachport with Kyms mum and dad, stayed in this lovely little cottage just off the main street, I have to say this was one of the most relaxing 4 days I have ever had, there was lots of beach time, chillin with Trev, sailing on Lake George and a SUP and sail session at Robe at 3rd ramp.

Dad with his newst cutest grandson, Xavier, cuteness personified!

Lochie and Phoebe having a 'picochat on their DS's over a nuggets and chips at the pub

I like this photo of dad

although I am not sure about this shirt with pink fishing rod? Not sure how the residents of Beachport too to this?
Fiona, Kym and Nathan, looks like todays walk on the Beachport Jetty was sponsored by Billabong

Mitcham council also has a lot to learn about tree trimming, this one up in Blackwood looks as though it was done late on a Friday, I am sure it will recover.