Saturday, 30 May 2009

You have got to be kidding

So cruising through Kent Town last Friday after seeing one of my fave agencies, I thought I would stop in Norwood to grab a quick haircut. I seem to remember a classic, red and white polled, barber half way up Norwood Parade, so I cruised by, found it, got out and went in. Now this was a typical old chairs, bad pictures, scrappy magazine, old cash register kind of barber (the kind that women wouldnt go into). I guy was already in the chair engaging in bad man chat with the barber, talking about the World Economic Crisis for the thirtieth time today, Cars, women and footy. I wasnt really paying much attention as I was reading Who Magazine (research) and minding my own business. They finished and I got into the chair, the usual, what do you do (I was in my suit) waa waa waa, same economic crisis chat, footy, cars waa waa waa, just a bit more around the ears please, number 3 all over thanks.......this is where it got interesting. Lets call our barber George Romeo, because that is his name. He finished my buzz cut, grabbed the mirror to show me the back (I should have been suspicious as I havent had that experience for years!) then ushered me up to the counter. I handed him $50, he took it and gave me back $4. I said, 'I gave you a $50', he said 'Yes and your hair cut was $46', I said' you have got to be joking, I have never paid more than $30 for a hair cut like that, David Beckham wouldnt have paid $50 for that!' (well he would have, as rumour has it that DB pays $300 for a hair cut, but you get my point!) So we debated for a bit more, but it was an arguement I was never going to win, what was I going to do? Tell him to put my hair back? I swallowed my pride, said I would never come back and left.

Now, I seriously dont mind paying for service or an experience if I reckon its worth it. But I really fely like I had been ripped off. Because I was wearing a suit and mentioned I worked in Advertising he seemed to think he could charge me more. Did the guy in front of me pay $46 for his identical hair cut? I guess I could ring and ask for a random quote, but I am over it now.

I am off to buy some good clippers, I am pretty sure they cost about $46

Friday, 1 May 2009

Anzac weekend part 2

Sunday morning at Seacliff from Dave Lane on Vimeo.

Another great days sailing last Sunday, heres a small clip, featuring Kym on her new 4.0 Manic, thankyou Kevin Rudd (OZ Prime Minister, for stilulating us)