Monday, 28 April 2008

Foo Fighters!

Went to see the Foo Fighters in Melbourne on Saturday night, they totally rocked out, heres a few snaps.

Monday, 21 April 2008

I thought I was quicker!

Here's a recent clip of me sailing at Sugars beach at the Murray Mouth, I thought I was going 30 knots +, but only chugged out a 28 knot flat fastest time! Maybe Kym and I need to invest in a speed board (slalom) and one of those monster 8 metre sails! Maybe not.....

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Trailer Tales!

After weeks of bloody sweat and tears, mainly other peoples, because I am no handy man, my trailer is finished.
For years we have struggled with a small car, sometimes loading 5 boards on the roof as well as a sail / mast bag (even booms on the roof as well!) with the fear of the roof racks peeling off everytime we exceeded 100kms per hour! I have longed for a trailer to hold all of our gear, so sails dont get crushed, also being able to take all of our gear with us etc.....

So here it is, Lano's trailer, complete with waterproof seals on the trailer edges, a chequer plate lid with roof racks, sexy blue paint job, Gas struts with 70kgs pressure to help lift and hold the weight. I am excited!

Big thanks to Chris, fellow windsurfer and man with access to a large engineering workshop! Also big ups to dad for lots of painting and drilling late into the evenings! Dad in the background :)

Saturday, 5 April 2008


I just love this photo! This is a friend of ours Arlo, one of the usual suspects when its blowing in SA!

Easter Classic - Best yet!

Well the 30th Easter Classic has been run and won. Well I say win, but the classic has become more of a social gathering with three days of free sailing. 112 competitors signed up, $40 entry got you, free beer on the Friday night party, thanks Coopers (burp), also a cool hoodie, t shirts, hats, stickers, money well spent.

Conditions looked promising all week leading up to the event, 4-5 foot waves and solid winds greeted us on the first day, Friday. Kym hit it with the other ladies, Susie and Penny, very impressive considering waves arent the main focus with womens sailing in SA, but they did great, getting out through tricky shore break and showing good wave riding skills, some nice Gybes on the inside, aslo some good impromptu jumping by Kym early on (pity she didnt land the 6-8 foot first air!
Some of the action from Friday

I went out on the Sunday on my 6.7 and Carve 122, didnt get slammed, but was frustrated with no wind on the inside, making geting out, even in 2-3 foot swell tricky. Had a good time though. It was great sailing and listening to the DJ on the beach pumpping out some great tunes all weekend.

112 competitors were made up of about 85 kiters and the rest wind surfers. I want to make special mention of the good vybe in the water and on the beach with both disciplines. Before the comp we were all briefed about safety and wave riding rules etc.... I only saw one tangle for three days sailing, no agro, everyone looking out for each other, bloody good fun. Well done everyone.

Sunday nights prezzo was a great event, held on the grass just out the back of the Caledonean pub. Red Bull put up their tent, they even had little Red Bull podium cans which was a nice touch! Alas I won nothing :( something for me to work on for next year. Kym took 3rd prize, Susie slipped 1st around her neck, closely followed by Penny (who by the way is in Maui the same time as us this July)

Saturday had more of the same, just less swell and a tad less wind, but again some great conditions at 3rd Ramp, Robe.
So another top weekend in Robe / Beachport. Big thanks to Pete from Onboard Surf Shop at Glenelg, the work you put into the sport mate in awesome.....

Susie, 2008 womens Easter Classic winner! Go Susie! (Also a bloody good photographer)

The Girls Podium presentation,

The mens division was hotly contested, 'Macca' won, never met the guy but he rips! I only know Deane who finished 3rd, very tight contest across at least 10 sailors....I now want a wave board!

A few beers and a laugh before the presentation, Kym, Dean and Susie.

Kym finishing up, exhausted after sailing All day on Friday....

Phoebe's sailing is really coming on well, especially with the second hand RRD 160 ltr we just picked up!....Even I gave it a crack, this is my flacka to heli tack, just need some wind and i will be right!