Tuesday, 13 July 2010

World Cup 2010

Richard in the bushes
Tag team substitution

WC party

Head piece



Kanaha fishing

Another World Cup is over, Spain has won (as I predicted), cant say the final was the best game of Football I have seen, but name me a great WC final?
Down in front, Phoebe making a swift exit

We had team Australia come over for the game 8.30am Sunday morning, great time for a Football match, way better than 4am! Viva Espana! Paul and Heidi made amazing Pina Coladas at half time, Kym made bacon and egg wraps and Sally made a great fruit platter for us all to snack on. I did coffee, I do coffee.
Avalon sets off down the right wing

The last few days have been filled with lots of sailing and lots of beach time. The wind has been very nice to us, with a cool little wave to play around on at Camp One as well. Wind has been in the 20-25 knot range, building at times to 30 knots plus. Everyone very happy.
One legged surfer at Hookipa
Kym and Brett at Hookipa

A small swell hit the north shore Sunday, Hookipa was packed
Someone got a new board

Riley, Avalon and Phoebe have been doing lessons Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, they are the only ones to be claiming regular gybes and tacks.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Back in Maui

Team Maui 2010

Brett, Lano, Av, Sal, Riley, Richard, Phoebe and Kym
Back in beautiful Maui, its windy, its sunny, its warm, the beer is cold and everyone is friendly.

Our digs :)
The flight over was OK, not a lot of sleep was had by anyone, I think I got a few hours on the plane, but not a quality sleep by any means. Some good movies on the plane, The new Wogboy movie was entertaining, as well as the new Steve Carel movie, Date Night was OK, amusing maybe? Airports were packed this year, must remember not to enter the US 2 days before 4th July.
Brett sussing it all out for the first time

Quick snack before day two session, Alive and Well indeed!

We sailed on day 1, which was a great was to shake off some jet lag and lack of sleep. All 4 of us were in the water by 1pm and firing on our full quatro goya combo's from Hi-Tech, thanks to Alex who kitted us out (very helpful chap!) I am trying out a twinser 92 Tempo wave, mightbe a bit sluggish for bump and jump, but gybes like a pro. Kym is on a 64 ltr tempo single fin, loves it, lucky its her birthday today! Brett is on a 85 ltr Tempo single fin, pretty sure he is happy with it, but everytine we walk into the rental shop, he is like a kid in a lolly shop, Naish, Quatro, every size and type from the whole range, its awesome. I am thinking of getting back onto a FSW 95 as this is what I am used to, pity I can only get hold of a 2007 version, keen to try the new shape. Plenty of time :)
Team Quatro Goya!

Never use a harness to open beers, this ones yours rich.......

Those crazy kiters
Brett and his rig, brand new sail straight out of the bag

Maui Race Series organised chaos

Happy contented, I just sailed at uppers kym
Riley and Phoebe ready to roll

Had a day of chillin out today, did a bit of Maui Race Series, watched the final races of the day, Peter Biyjl (spelling) took it out, Micah second and the rest were just slogging to the line, wind was tricky to say the least. We also hit the shops to keep the girls happy, Sports warehouse for snorkel gear and reef shoes. Bit of retail therapy at NP Maui shop, expensive exercise!

Richard has had a bit of bad luck. He has rented a board from a local lad, Lets just call him Matt Pritchard, which after day 2 he had put a massive dent on the nose after a failed jump at uppers. Feeling pretty bad about the cost of repair (which is yet to be advised) he has also ran over a plant at our rental place. Now here is a great story, the plant he ran over is called a 'night walker', if you dig one up or harm one, the locals say that yopu will encounter the night walkers, which we are currently waiting for. Not sure what form they will come at us, could be ghosts, insects, walking trees? Who knows. Better not have too much to drink tonight, better be prepared! Should have bought the hunting rifles and the BB Guns at Sports warehouse today!
Poor Richard, they do say that accidents happen in Threes, so only one bad thing to happen, wonder what it will be.

Richard before he broke the Tabou, oooooh Tabou! Is that an omen?
Hoping to head southside tomorrow for 4th July, hoping to get a days SUP action, not a lot of swell though, fingers crossed it picks up over night.