Sunday, 26 July 2009

Phoebe goes off!

Spent the day at West Lakes today, so Phoebe could get her fix for the week. Her sailing has improved so much since this time last year.....and she is so keen to sail, pestering us days in advance to hit the lake!

Future world champion in the making!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Best Holiday Ever

.........but its back to reality now and its actually not that bad.

Team America!

I have a pretty relaxed outlook on everything at the moment, which is usually the case after a Maui trip, I never stress too much at the best of times, but something seems different this year, maybe its because I am very old now, being 40 does make me a wise old man.....

This years trip to Maui has to go down as my favourite holiday ever. We had great wind, great waves (especially South Side - thankyou Maui locals for the show you put on for us), great food, great wine (and beer) and great people.

It was great to catch up with Anita and Steve and share the holiday with them, they are our favourite english windsurfers and if we end up backing up for trip 4 next year they better be available!
Free booze taking effect.....

'I say Arlo, lets get bonkered on free Margharita's!'

The wind blew for 18 days straight from the day we got there and gave us a nice little break at the end when we were probably too tired to sail, to experience some of the other great things that Maui has to offer.


We caught a fish.....A Wahu?

A styling Ricko

Grab ya board - Hawaiian Island Surf

Grab ya sails...

We climbed mountains

Phoebe commanding an audience.....I think this was just after she fell and took half the skin off her right knee poor chook.

Westside sunset!

We scored a few waves....really, we did

Arlo and his gun

Phoebe catches one of her 100 waves for the day .....

We caught up with some of the nicest people in the world and had a bite to eat, Pity Robby and his family, who were in the restaurant earlier couldn't hang around, But Ulli, Meesh, Giampaolo and Sharon certainly kept us entertained! Hmmmmmmm Nutella Crepe's. Was also nice to meet Meesh's bro Mark, top chap!

Paparazzi alert!

Evidence that Italians really do talk with their hands!

Ricko boasts about how easy windsurfing is, 'yeah, waterstarting...its easy man!'
It was so good to catch up with our Maui friends, always a pleasure to share some time with them, just a shame we couldnt hang around for another week to attend Ulli's 40th birthday and the 4th July celebrations, maybe next year for your 41st (maybe a joint party?)

Here's what I missed most while we were away, Trev would have loved the beach everyday for three weeks!

Here's what I didnt miss on our trip. Here is my cars outside temperature gauge about to freak us out, 4 degrees, you are joking right???

And lastly, here's a pic of me on the 4th June, my 40th birthday, Lano gets punked!