Sunday, 26 October 2008

A fun Day at Goolwa Lake

Had a nice sail at Goolwa with a few friends today, 25 knot (at times) North Westerly seems to be the new norm at Goolwa, normally on works on a SW, but the NW enables you to sail up what is called Aggies creek, a remnant creek for yester year.

Had a great time, blasting around with Hamish and his dad (thanks for these photos Peter, you have a talent behind the camera!)

Note to self, need to apply more down haul, that sail looks so baggy!

I put on a 'Lano Gybe Clinic' today! Today was definitley a day where things started to click into place! Even nailed a few tacks as well. I really feel that I am progressing quickly with my sailing now, this summer is shaping up to be a great one for sailing!

Local photographer Susie Burgher was out at Days St on Saturday just before the wind dissappeared, heres a sample of her work, new lense doing the trick!

Timmy smacks another lip, he is ripping it up at the moment!

Love this photo! Looks so fast!

Dean Ryles out the back on his twinser

and again!

Middleton Bay, South Australia, not a bad place to be at all!

Friday, 17 October 2008

SA BBQ and Sailing club

Well a group of us mad keen windsurfers got together on Tuesday night to reform the 'SA Wave Sailors, heres the link to the website.

We are treating it pretty casual at this stage, ie rock up, have a snag on bread, go for a sail and have a few beers and talk shit all afternoon. Sounds like what we always do, so why not start up a club, so we can all sail together?

Keep an eye on this link

Friday, 10 October 2008


Are you fckn serious, October 9th and Christmas stuff is for sale in the local supermarket!? I nearly chucked......

These same bon bons and the dolls were on sale at 90% off a few months back, now they are back at 'christmas prices' again.......where will it end?

....which is probably what Trevor is thinking, as we gave him a trim yesterday, he was not impressed. Sorry Trev, it was bloody hard not to laugh, you will be better off in summer though dude!

From this.......
To this.....


Thursday, 2 October 2008


I heard a terrible noise when I got home last night, like a growling, moaning sound coming from across the road. I parked the car, crossed the road and stood in the gully looking into the gum trees. Now it was pretty dark so I couldnt see too well, but I could make out a shape up the top that look very Koala like. They are in the spring mating season and the males are fighting for the right to the 'ladies' in the neighbourhood, other lady Koala's. They sound like a group of seals in a David Attenborough doco, its quite an amazing sound.

The 'fella' Koala's can really put on a show when they fight for territory and the right to mate, we have seen them year on year fighting in the trees next to our house. They get very boisterous and tend to fall out of trees attached to each other, scratching and clawing at each other. I will try and get them in this practice over the coming weeks.

Here's one of the fellas this morning, pretty sure he was fast asleep when I found him, as you can see he wasnt that impressed when I woke him up, poor guy nearly fell out the tree!

Just as I woke him up, nearly falls off his perch,

I am sure if he knew how he would have flipped me the bird about now