Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Anzac Day at Snaps

Chris on a flat bit,

Had a great sail at Snapper Point, Aldinga reef, on Saturday, heres a video of the afternoons session at high tide, Chris, Jakob and Cain ripping it in some testing conditions,

I sailed it earlier in the day, incoming tide, 25 - 35 knots, 92 ltr JP FSW and a 4.7 Alpha (that I won in Robe a few weeks before and though I may never use :) ) I had one of the best sails of my life, pulled the best gybe I have ever done, Russ will testify as he saw it! Started popping little jumps as well, I really feel I have made progress this year,

My new 4.7.........winners are grinners.
My FSW and Kyms Quatro 75


Untitled from Dave Lane on Vimeo.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

March in Radelaide

Been a steady month for sailing and water activities, as we try and make the most of the last few weeks of day light savings (ends tonight :( ). There has been a very steady SW seabreeze wind patern for all of March, with a few SE sessions thrown in the mix as well.

We kicked off the month with the South Australian Social Wave Sailing groups day at West Lakes. This day was to be a come and try day for the ladies only, but with the bigger than expected turn out we had some of the fellas instructing and offering water cover as well. We had about 10 new girls rock up and give windsurfing a go, all of which got going, tacking and returning. It was a super day (big thanks to Glascraft and Onboard again for their support with boards and small rigs) Hopefully we get them coming back and sailing again.

Not quite a Shaka Jodie
Kym and SophieWest Lakes is actually a pretty good place to learn,

To top it off, we all got a decent sail at Semaphore after we had packed up from the lake. A nice 20-25 knots SW session for a few hours, nice reward for our efforts.

Kym coming back up the beach

My Rig - I have been loving this set up this summer, 92 ltr FSW and the 5.7 Firefly and why for the life of me did I persist with SDM mast?

Skinny is the way to go!


Rules :(

Seacliff has turned it on a few times this summer, the best of the sessions being a few weeks back, a solid 25 knots, swinging SW to SSW, which can be tricky. We got some nice ramps and little waves to ride back in, (see previous post for this session) heres a few pics from the day as well.

We are getting fire up for the Robe Easter Classic this year. If last years is anything to go by, its gonna be huge. We had 150 participants last year (110 kiters and 40 sailors) and this year is looking like similar numbers. Gonna be interesting to see how 100 plus kiters and sailors go in the third ramp break, but we will work it out. Stay tuned for next weeks update!

Here's Penny about to lift off at Sellicks, RRD make great beginner boards, just some of them are bigger than most cars!Impractical for windsurfing

Practical for windsurfing

And the end of a Lano era, with the trade in sale of my beloved WRX (it was time to lose the boy racer image that I dont think I ever really had - considering I drove it like I was drving Miss Daisy!) We have traded in for something a lot more respectable and useful, way to go Subaru!

And last but not least, afters at 'The Greek' on Friday, Honey Puffs OMG!!!!!

An Adelaide institution, if you are ever in town, check it out!