Friday, 30 January 2009

Robe - Australia Day weekend

Here's a little vid from out last weekend, Robe rocks!

Not a lot of wind for the whole weekend, but a great group of people, some generous gifts (prizes) from our local shops (Onboard and Glascraft), all in all a great weekend.

Robe Australia Day Long weekend from Dave Lane on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A bit of Lano randomness

These are images from my mobile, its a groovy nokia with a half decent camera on it, heres a few of my faves.......

The first two are the lovely Amy O'hanlon, who has moved to our Perth office, her desk got 'punked' on her last day, nice one Stuart and Jodie who spent hours wrapping everything on her desk.

A nice, no wind day, at Sellicks beach - note cool trailer

Phoebe spraying Trevor with water after school

My beloved Adelaide United (geez I wish they got to play Manchester United in the club world cup last month!)

Adelaide Oval game on Saturday night against Sydney United - another win to us 2-0

Why do people light flares, this was the Asian Champions League final, we lost to Gamba Osaka 5-0 on aggregate :( , we must have looked like thugs to the rest of Asia - makes me mad

Played a bit of golf, Royal Adelaide if you dont mind!

Ryan teeing of on the 12th
Nice lockers, 'get me a towel geeves'

My sister, Fiona and her son Lachie came to stay, we had gelato at Norwood that afternoon. Was great to meet her new man Nathan, lovely chap, hope we can see more of them this year

More Gelati anyone? Illy at North Adelaide......num num num

Lambretta - sweet, Quadraphenia eat your heart out, was half hoping Paul Weller would be the pilot of this baby

And last but not least, another bit of super market madness in Blackwood Coles. Click on this pic to see how hilarious someone has been with one of the kiddy etch-a-sketch's,