Friday, 8 August 2008

Depression has set in

Bend zee kneez Lano!

Well I am writing this blog, curled up on the couch, watching shit football before the Olympic opening ceremony starts, not even sure I will stay up to watch the opening ceremony, yawning already. It is about 3 degrees outside, my ribs are still sore and now I have the flu (bloody air travel) We have been back from Maui for only 6 days, but I am still missing the place. This week has been really hard to go back to work, I took all of my photos and video in on my laptop, but not really sure it was everyones cup of tea, whether I was perceived to be rubbing it in that I had just spent 3 weeks with friends in Maui, sitting on beaches, drinking heineken, and sailing everyday, or they merely werent interested in windsurfing. Pretty sure its the later.
The last week in Maui was one of the most relaxing weeks of my life. I truelly switched off, kicked back, chilled out, didnt have a care in the world. Although the week didnt start off that well, cracking my ribs out the back at Kanaha while gybing on a wave. Such a simple impact, too much speed, a little chop, slipped on the deck, fell on the mast between the boom and the base, flush on my ribs. I have cracked ribs before, so when I heard the crack I knew what I had done. I sat out the back catching my breath, then sailed in to shore. I sailed for a few more runs, then decided to call it a day mid afternoon. So had the usual, hurts to breathe sensation, picking things up hurt as well. I rested for a few days then decided that I should have another sail around Monday/Tuesday - Big mistake! I aggravated them again, so the pain was intensified for the rest of the week. But I didnt care, I was in Maui!
Arlo, Anita, Dave, Sharon, Giampaolo, Chris and Kym (Phoebe in the front looking tired)

So my last week was good time to play with Phoebe, take lots of video for our windsurfing movie (I have 26 GB of footage - maybe I should have asked Levi for some tips on how to put a movie together), and basically kick back and watch Maui mosey on by....

And now to thank a few people for sharing their Maui with us, these people totally capped our trip off, it wouldnt have been the same with out meeting you all and sharing a bit of your lives.

Sharon - It was so good to meet you, I hope we can keep in touch for years to come, thanks for being social secretary, even if you did sack yourself, chin up and lots of mast base pressure.

Giampaolo - Love your insights into life in Maui, was great to hear many of them first hand. Thanks for introducing me to blogging, boom camera's, brazillian ass, superfreaks and a thought provoking attitude that has made me question many of the decissions I make.
Ulli and Michelle - Fark guys, way too short a catch up, but great to meet you and put faces to names...I will try to bring my mountain bike, surf board, trials bike, motocross bike, monster truck next time, so we can do more that just eat pizza and drink beer (stuff that we will just eat pizza and drink beer)

Keith - What a great life experience for a windsurfing to meet the man who is responsible for most of the windsuring boards shaped today, you are such a legend, thanks for the tour and the walk through the factory, will never forget it!

Steve, Anita, Chris, Kym and Phoebe, what a great holiday hey? Having you all there was tops, lets do it again??? Today?

Heres some of the photos from the last week on Maui......
Peter Ross showed us through his OES (Ocean Eyre Surfboards) operation at the cannery, keep an eye out for the new 09 shapes he is putting together up Pauwela way, the new twinsers are looking and performing amazingly. Wonder if Pete can put a stand up with a mast track together for me?

Two living legends, Mark Richards MR and Shaun Tompson, two great men, two great surfers. Seen here at the Maui premier of 'Bustin Down The Door' movie, their story of how it was when the Aussies and South Africans invaded the Noth Shore of Oahu. Great film, do not miss it!

Kym got to meet Levi, her life is complete....

Hubb Hubba, one for the ladies.....actually I dont mind it either (the board that is),
Footnote: Levi if you ever read this, we apologise, well I do anyway, for stalking you twice while on holiday, you are a true proffessional, thanks for listening to our dribble..

....and this is what holidays are all about, having fun....till next time,