Friday, 25 July 2008

Flatbread and more stalking

The girls get a coffee fix at Pauwela, triple shot lattes all round.

Another good couple of days, with you will never guess, MORE WINDSURFING!

The wind has been as Chris puts it....'Cracker Lacking', blowing around the 25-30 knot range most of yesterday and slighty less on Tuesday. I have been sailing on gear much smaller than at home, 4.7 and 5.0 were the call of the day yesterday in the strongest winds so far on the trip, must admit, I didnt enjoy it too much yesterday, pretty gusty and hard work, but had a good couple of runs later in the day.

We have been using a couple of demo boards from Quatro, a 75 ltr Freestyle Wave and a 95 ltr Freestyle Wave, OH MY GOD! these boards are amazing, everyone in the group has had a go and now wants to buy one. It makes our hire boards, which arent too shabby, look second rate. The Quatro's have all taken our sailing to new levels even in the space of only a few days. I am finding that I can hold a higher line when trying to pinch up wind (thus not having to walk back from lowers everytime I sail - 'The Walk of Shame'), I can get on a plane quicker, the foot straps are minimal and simple (centre fitted as well, which I love) and although not the quickest board out, they are so user friendly, even confident to pump a few chop hops intentionally! Kym is looking seriously at the 75 ltr, Chris is buying the 75ltr, Arlo is weighing up a custom 09 model or a 85 ltr 08 model. Pascal at the Quatro shop has been so helpful, bloody top bloke.

Levi Siver was our next stalking victim yesterday. Chris spotted the Red Bull stickered sailor in the carpark around 2pm and ran up to get me. We both trundled up to say hi, he was back early from Canaries / Pozo, didnt say why, maybe homesick, or heard that we were in town, who knows. I do get the feeling the Hawaiians dont like the Canaries much. Levi was kind enough to stop for a chat before he went out on his new twinser and a 4.2. (Note to self: Always carry camera in Kanaha Carpark) Got a few snaps as he came out of the water..

Levi shares a shower with some sailors,

Drum roll please................................

.....Caught up with the Maui Blogging community on Tuesday night, Sharon, Michelle, Ulli, Hannah and Nick, no Giampaulo as he was feeling ill, poor chook, hopefully we can catch up later in the week. Was great to finally meet everyone, we all had such a great night, lots of stories, experiences, life changing moments were shared over pork pizza and Big Swell Ales, was truly the best night of the trip by far.
We learned a few tricks from Sharon about the art of stalking, as we watched in amazement her behaviour when a certain 'hot young gun' walked in the room, cameras in handbags, over the shoulder snaps, it was very educational and we will certainly use the techniques gained in our remaining time on Maui.

Hannah and Sharon, subtlety not a strong point :)
The man of mystery....

The girls share a laugh, Meesh, Hannah and Sharon. Arlo lost something,

Stalking tip number 468 : When using face detection camera, be aware that face prints on T- Shirts cause confussion on camera, take lots of photo's of t-shirts to prove point. Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Arlo on a 3.5 and a 77 ltr board, will it ever happen again?

Hot chick at Kanaha.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Day 10 in Maui

Hmmmmmm Daquaries anyone?

Winds have been light for a week now, with a few exceptions (Sunday and Wednesday last week) so we have just been cruising around, not rushing to the beach to be in the water by 11am like we should be! Phoebe had her windsurfing camp last week and is backing up again next week for another session. Good for her to meet lots of other kids her age and interested in windsurfing.

I have finally got my self sorted with sailing this place, I think I am too used to 20 knots, dead flat water and big boaty boards. Here, there are no such conditions, there is chop, stronger winds and to get through all of that you need to have a smaller board. Its taken me a week, but I have stuck with some hire kit that I can handle. I am sailing a 93 ltr Free Style Wave (102 ltr on lighter days) and using a 5.2 and 5.6 Neil Pryde Core. I am in love with skinny masts!!!!!!!!

I have tried quite a bit of different equipment sicnce being here, Starboard 122 ltr Futura, Ezzy sails (:() Naish 111 ltr boards, even tried a super freak sail from Hot Sails Maui, but it was too light. Keith at Quatro offered to let us demo some boards this week, so we are all keen to see what they can do for us. Also the new Goya sails look amazing, christmas is just around the corner.

We went to Ocean World on Sunday to check out the Sharks and other fish that hang out around the islands, such a huge abundance of marine live around here. Turtles, Catfish, Tuna, killer crustaceans - actually most things around here are capable of stinging, spiking or chewing you.

Heres a few of the most recent pics

More killer fish at Ocean World.......

Afternoonses at Oyster Bar Lahaina, great view from up on the second floor rooftop garden....

Surf at Lahaina

Phoebe at Sprecks

Kym and Anita stalking people again.........

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Week One

Well the wind has been light, very unseasonal for this time of year, but hey, we are in Maui having an absolute ball. We have spent most days at the beach either at Kanaha or over in front of the condo's at Kehei. The wind has shown potential all week, Sunday and Wednesday being the pick of the days, with 20 - 25 knot winds from the East, but the other days have been strange, wind holding in the 18 knot range and very gusty and up and down, cloud and even some rain has held the winds back in my opinion. Here's hoping for stronger winds next week, looking a bit more promising.

We have been giving the BBQ a work out at our house, lots of delicious chicken and sausage meals, washed down with Heineken or the local version of CoopersAle, Its the Volocano Red Ale that has satisfied our thirsts. Some nice wine here as well, although we did find a few nice Aussie 'staple' wines to remind us of home (not that we are home sick)

Here is Phoebe at her windsurfing camp. She is loving it! She has pulled more gybes than me this trip! We have her signed up again next week.

Tarzan Arlo, about the take the swing of death at Twin Falls.....

Twin Falls again, such a great spot.

And heres a few shots of Hookipa last night, nice wind swell and about 14 guys out.

Who's this happy windsurfer? GP in a ponderous post surf moment.......

Footnote: Went out for dinner last night to Casanova's, love that place, great service, great food and great wine.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Maui - Where its at!

We are finally here and settled into our digs up in Haiku. It is so good to be back in this tropical island paradise, it is so amazing this place. The people are friendly, the food is healthy and cheap (thanks to our strong Aussie dollar) and the sailing has been great. The flight over was quite un eventful, a bit too long a stop over in Sydney, which sort of unavoidable, but the Sydney - Honolulu leg was a breeze, then a quick trip through immigration and customs and we were on a flight to Maui. We decided to pack as much into our day on day one, so we picked up our cars, picked up our windsurfing hire equipment and did a small shop, needless to say we slept pretty good on the Friday night!

We have two pretty dodgey hire vans from Al Wests, but they are perfect for what we need, great for throwing sandy 5 rigs in the back and comfy enough for tired sailors slumped in the back.

The house we have rented is great, up in the hills away from the hustle and bustle of Maui, Kahalui and Kihei. Not so good if we have a few beers and go out, but if we sail all day, cant really see us lasting past 9pm anyway. All very comfortable, our hosts are great as well.

Phoebe is having a ball, I seriuosly dont know how a kid can stay in the water for 6 hours at a time? She is such a trooper. We will be getting a bigger body board for her to catch the waves at Kanaha and maybe a fish net so she can catch our dinner every night :)

...And biggest news is I ran into Sharon sailing at lowers, spotted the green Superfreak cruising the bay, so wandered on down with Phoebe to say hi, was so good to finally meet you Sharon, hoping we can catch up over the next few weeks to spin a few stories and sink a few ales. Maybe a BBQ somwhere after a sail? That goes for all you Maui Bloggers and friends.. if you are keen.

And the other big news.....WE MET JASON POLAKOW! All of us went to Safeway to grab some supplies, we pulled into the car park and this black ute pulls up next to us, Chris gets out and just starts talking to this guy, we are not to sure who he is talking to, turns out it was JP, so Chris then tells him his complete life story in twenty seconds, he is so accomodating, walks into the shop with is, I handed him a shopping basket (calling him 'Jase' in the process - so Aussie!) He was grabbing a few beers and supplies, said his ribs were too sore hence not being in Canaries. We were all so stoked, couldnt believe we all got to meet the man himself, he said we could catch him at Hookipa when its going off......not sure I will do that, but Chris and Kym might.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

North Haven - One week to go!

What is it with the wind in winter? We have wind all week, 20-25 knot SW winds all week, then come the weekend, nothing! We decided to capitalise on the northerly winds that were blowing on the weekend and headed up to our northern most beach on the metro coast, North Haven. Great little spot popular with the kiters, dead flat water, a cool very tiny wave and nice sandy beaches.

Have also been checking the Maui wind cam a bit lately......what is going on over there? Where is the wind? To me it looks like three days in a row with no wind, didnt know this happened in summer, still no reason to cancel our it?
Here's me rigging up for an epic session in 5 knots of wind! ooooh I found a dollar!

My sail caddy.....Kym.....anywhere on the beach please

Another boat load of containers leave outer harbour. Big fckn boat

Phoebe gets in some Dakine practice...not sure we will be needing this jacket in a weeks time