Monday, 20 August 2007

Dolphins off Christies Beach

Sorry for the lack of posting, been too busy looking at other peoples Blogs and not concentrating on my backyard, so to speak.

Last Sunday I was invited to be a crew member on my father in laws boat, I think its a Ross 740 sailing boat, its really good fun, always an adventure (always an adventure with spinnacer changes). We all had to be on deck at 10am for a full rigging of the mast and course debrief. I for once made my lunch, so pies and donuts were off the menu (plus I am training for a fun run in three weeks, so gotta step it up!)

Captain Murray the helm! Aye Aye sir!

We started raving at 12noon, wind was a variable inconsistant 7 knots, so slow going. There were 7 boats in the fleet, about five classes covered so racing wasnt going to be too close.

Anyway to cut a long story short, no wind after 1 hour, so doldrums.....race abandoned!

Lucky some dolphins rocked up to entertain us!

And lastly, dont buy your children face paints, as I found out, you will be used as the first experiment! Apparently I am meant to be a tiger!