Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Trailer Tales!

After weeks of bloody sweat and tears, mainly other peoples, because I am no handy man, my trailer is finished.
For years we have struggled with a small car, sometimes loading 5 boards on the roof as well as a sail / mast bag (even booms on the roof as well!) with the fear of the roof racks peeling off everytime we exceeded 100kms per hour! I have longed for a trailer to hold all of our gear, so sails dont get crushed, also being able to take all of our gear with us etc.....

So here it is, Lano's trailer, complete with waterproof seals on the trailer edges, a chequer plate lid with roof racks, sexy blue paint job, Gas struts with 70kgs pressure to help lift and hold the weight. I am excited!

Big thanks to Chris, fellow windsurfer and man with access to a large engineering workshop! Also big ups to dad for lots of painting and drilling late into the evenings! Dad in the background :)