Sunday, 18 May 2008

Welcome to club 30 knots!

Well I finally did it, 30.4 knots to be precise! I am so stoked, as I really saw this as unatainable. Saturdays Session at Goolwa ranks as one of the best all time! Wind was forecast for 25-35 knots with squalls reaching 40-50 knots, hail and showers, we got all of the above.

We arrived at 7.30am, still cant belive the girls got up at 5.30am, car was loaded (new trailer in two haha), the speed demons were already sailing, special note to Carl Mcdonald who reportedly had been at the landing at 5.30am (dude it doesnt get light till 6.30)

I rigged the 5.7 Saber and my trusty 2007 Carve 122 and hit the water, my first run pushed out a 30.4, a run that was not to be topped all day, by me anyways!

Heres the run I did, bit shakey but it was farken windy!

Kyms also had a great day, pushing out her top speed ever as well, a 28.4knots on a JP Freestylewave and a 4.4 core wave sail! Imagine what she could do on some slalom gear? Time to go shopping!?

Highlights of the day....
Chris Dimond and Tim Hemer both going past 40knots!

Low lights.......
Putting my leg and elbow through my fave sail, 5.7 Saber (I hope we can fix it)

Heres Phoebe with the ride of the day.....


cammar said...

Good job!!! I'm still stuck at 29.6 (over 10 seconds in open ocean).
You guys will enjoy the Maui speed series when you come here. Stay tuned for announcement on my blog sooner or later.

Lano said...

My 30.4 was just a top speed, so GP your 29.6 over 10 seconds in chop is far more impressive....speed series sounds like fun, we were also looking at the Maui Slalom series as a bit of fun too,

fswp said...

congratz mate !

122l with a 5.7 in 30 knots, sounds like heavy power duty ;)

Lano said...

Lucky I weight 100kgs!

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