Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cheeky SUP after work

Had a cheeky SUP session after work today, finished work at 5.15, pick up Phoebe at 5.45, rush home, banana, SUP on roof, charge down to South Port river mouth with the rest of the ONBOARD crew, caught some nice waves, lefts, rights, hit the reef a few times, shared a few, hung out with some great people.
The surf beast!

Pete, Scotty Mac, Steve and the pilates lady!

Here's hoping for more of the same on the weekend,


Sharon said...

ah-ha, you've got the bug, it's sooooooooo much fun. See ya at 1000 Cheeks in five months!

Lano said...

I will be there, early surf followed by sailing all day for three weeks in July? Better get fit, its gonna be huge!