Monday, 7 June 2010

Where you been Lano?

Aussie rules footy, can anyone makes sense of this???

Time to fire up the old blog, thanks for the gentle nudge George! Sorry for the lack of blog action from down under, but bloody facebook has taken over my life.....actually, its just easier sometimes to post up pics and a short note most of the time. But with Maui around the corner and lots to talk about, its time to get busy blogging.

Its almost 4 months since my last post (sounds like an AA meeting opening comment yeah?) so much has happened between now and back then, a new job (Sales Manager - SA Weekend, a very cool magazine in the Adelaide Advertiser), been running heaps, sailing as much as possible, SUP has taken over my life, been loving life with Kym and Phoebe doing stuff.

Now getting set for a trip to MAUI, cant wait to see friends, get warm, surf and sail all day, Kanaha beer o'clock every night at 5, climb waterfalls, mountains, crispy creams?, surf shops, Mana Foods, hang with the other 12 Aussies that are coming over at the same time, 4th July celebrations (our first) - and maybe sail some more :)

So we had the Robe Easter Classic, heres a 12 minute clip summing up the conditions and the action on the beach.

Kym rippin!

Womens come and try day

Open water paddle contestants - me far right, I came fifth over all, about 6kms open water paddle, hard work!


Kym sailed well and took out the ladies division and the mens was won by Tom (the vicco) who totally dominated (most probably will not get onvited back as he was too good!)

So now onto Maui, only a few weeks to go, might dust off the luggage from the top rack......and break out the board shorts,


Oh, and did someone mention the world cup? OMG, so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Aussies, PS: on the look out for comfy couch and snacks for any world cup action in Maui......


George Markopoulos said...

Welcome back!

jimbob said...

Have a great trip Dave and Kym, have a beer for me on July 4th (its my birthday) maybe I will get there next year.