Thursday, 12 April 2007

OK Sharon OK!

Well after a few failed efforts, looks like its time to take a day off work and create 'another' blog... so pick a font, new topic - ok, now what to write about? Well to start off, this is me, 37 married, living in mostly sunny Adelaide. I am a keen windsurfer, of intermediate abilities, I am a very keen footballer (the round kind) also am a mad Adelaide United fan.

Gotta thank Sharon and Giampaolo for giving me the inspiration for this blog as I have very much enjoyed their handy work over the last year or so. I don't feel that my blogs are going to be as interesting as theirs, so much colour and so much more going on in Maui than little old Adelaide....anyhoo

This is the Lanomobile, loaded up as usual with 4 complete kits! You can never be too prepared!

Spent the weekend away with Kym (wifey) and Phoebe (legend daughter) and the in laws and the brother in law and his wife and their child, was a pleasant Easter long weekend, no wind so no sailing, but plenty of R and R which was much appreciated. We were staying at Beachport about 4 hours south of Adelaide in a nice little cottage just back from the beach, was cosy but comfortable with all the peeps in the house.

So with no wind, surfing was the go, but waves are required for this as well, damn! 1-2 foot dumpers at the long beach near Robe were the only option that was sort of family friendly. Still was fun to get in the water, get wet....I even surfed in my boardies and rashie, no wetsuit, which is not common in these parts, water temp is chilly at best.

So Beachport happened again for another year, another year of frustration with no wind, but I still rate it as one of the most relaxing places I have been too. If only we could cut the 4 hour drive out it would be perfect :(

So back in Adelaide now, back to the grind.....if you can call my life that, I cruise along really.

So there you have it folks, my first blog post,


cammar said...

A-ha! I got to post the first comment!
Good job. Now that you have a blog, post that photo of the hard day at the office...

Sharon said...

Standing ovation - Bravo- this is excellent. Now when there are no wind or waves you can work on your next post!

Oh, and when I see you, wifey & legend at Anthonys getting your coffee, I'll know who you buggers are!

BTW great profile pic :-)