Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Our new aussie tradition!

For years Kym and I have envyed our friends from ethnic or 'more cultured' backgrounds with their traditions and celebrations. Some of our friends have large European families that they catch up with regularly, sharing religious festivals, feasts, passing of relatives, weddings....there is always something to celebrate or a reason to throw a party.

I have Italian friends, who every summer have a huge cook up of the tomato harvest from all of their relatives backyards, they make sauce, have a lamb or pig on a spit, get drunk and dance to Elvis...sounds great to me.

Now us 'culchared' aussies, what do we have? Gee...BBQ's, cricket, the footy, the pub, not too much there for the family. I guess there is christmas on the beach, but with global warning winter falls close to December, January these days, so that could be out of the question. We have horse racing, not really a family day out though surely?

So Kym and I decided to start making our own family traditions, but we are not going to tell them what we are doing. We kicked off our first new yearly tradition with our newly invented Easter game, Easter Pinada. Not sure what the mexicans had this activity for anyways, so we are now claiming it to be an Australian tradition OK

So heres Phobes first effort, she made the pinada by the way, used so much glue on it, it was like a ball of concrete shaped as a rabbit (papa in the background waiting his turn)

Then it was Kazzas turn, snapped it in two, wasnt so strong after all! Love the look of determination on her face for this! haha!

Well at least there was chocolates in it! Two hit Pinada, must work on that for next year if this Tradition is going to take off :)

So there you have it the beginnings of a 'LANO' family tradition, See what else we can come up with for the rest of the year.

Now GP was interested in the work mates in my office, more the ladies I would imagine, so below are a few pics of them all in various positions and stages of alcholism. I love my job (sometimes)

Hannahs and Babs at Clipsal 500 car race, before it got ugly

Two of my clients, I look after them well.......oh dear

Parks and Tonks, two of the biggest legends you will ever partners in crime - (eeew, they have had better days!:O)

Till next time,


Sharon said...

Tonks is gonna kick your ass for posting that pici of her!

Lano said...

I can live with that!

cammar said...

I just hope that tonight I'll have the following dream:

Hannahs and Babs naked watching my blog and saying:"oh GP, you sooo sexy!"