Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Robby Naish - Kanaha, June 06

Heres a video I recently edited, well had a play with, of Robby Naish going for a uick sail at Kanaha. It was the last day of our holiday in Maui last year, Kym had just finished a sail and was packing up. I was on the beach taking some last memory shots. I was chatting the our NZ friends and they had noticed a black labrador dog, they said it could be Robby Naish's dog. Next minute, Robby walks past, keys in his mouth, craziest looking board, hops in the water, sails out, blasts a big air, the most aggressive gybe I have seen, tacks high up in the wind and aims for a beach about 500 metres up the beach (probably his house)

My life was complete.


Sharon said...

Nice little commute, like the #1111 bus from Kanaha to Kanaha!

Tickets to Brazil....never mess with a woman from Leeds!!

fswp said...

nice jibe !!

i've it had been me, i would swallow my keys of excitement with such a jibe !! :)