Wednesday, 19 September 2007

City to Bay

Every year we here in Adelaide have a fun run from the city centre to the beach, Glenelg. I have never been a big runner, so never been interested in running the C2B. Over the last 9-10 weeks our work team, Agency Team, have been training our arses off, running approxiamately 18-25kms a week in an effort to build up to the 12kms that is the C2B! I even bought new shoes and comtemplated buying running and fitness magazines, but stuck with just getting some tips from gym instructors and the online tips from our generous employer!
Race day came up pretty quick, I was confident of making the distance, due to the fact I had accidently run the 12km distance twice, thinkning I was only running about 8kms! Lucky Im not an accountant. Anyway heres a few pics of the event.

Stuart and myself in our stunning running tops! Thankyou Sunday Mail!
Scotty, pretty happy with his 56 minutes .36 seconds in his first serious run! Top effort old chap!

And heres Lano, coming across the line, cutting a fantastic figure, 1 Hour 2 minutes and 37 seconds (yes I know it says 1.15.52 on the official clock, but your time actually starts when you cross the start line, which I didnt cross until the 13th minute mark, something to do with 23,000 people in front of me!!!!!!!!!!)

Now we were meant to kick on after the run, sink a few pints and carry on like we normally do, but this fitness bug has truelly bitten. I went with the usual suspects to the pub, had a pint, but it tasted unhealthy, what is going on!? So I left, caught a cab home and went to a birthday party for a mates wife at the local pub, nice beer garden, friends all around, beers flowing waa waa, but I just couldnt get into it. So a quick wink at Kym and we were out of there, down to Seacliff for a sail in a stormy. I watched, beers were making me sleepy.....Kym went out.

And to finsh off with, heres a photo form a recent team event, the annual Media Club Ten Pin Bowling night! The girls had their own team, Bowling Barbies (they won first prize - Nice cans!) and the boys went as 'The Dirty Sanchez' (we lost, but had a ball, hahahahahaha oh dear)

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Sharon said...

“The Dirty Sanchez”, was a stroke of genius, sombrero’s off to who every came up with that one!

Nice job on your run mate, it’s amazing how much more you can get done without a pint running through your veins. Everything in moderation (well almost) :-)