Monday, 21 January 2008


Adelaide is currently hosting The Tour Down Under, the first pro series cycling race to be held outside of Europe, UCI version anyways, so its a pretty big deal, lots of big Euro teams attending. I had a chance to ride along with Stuart, my co worker and partner in crime for the first leg. As our work was a major sponsor we got to ride on the track in the car convoy before the race and during the warm up. Heres a few pics from the event....

Stuart looking for a bit more power from the SKODA beast! Engine is in the front mate!

Just looks tuff dont it? NOT! 0-100 in 18 seconds!

Lano and Stuart looking resplendent in our Tiser Sunday Mail T-shirts!

1500 Adelaide Now frisbies about to meet their new owners! Sorry to anyone I scored in the nose with these babies!

...Oh, and there was a bike race as well! C'mon, try harder you lards!

Heres my first video effort from bloggers video loader, hope it works!

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