Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Waaaaay too long between drinks!

I am officially the slackest blogger in the world, been spending too much time on facebook and MSN.....oh well, I am back with lots of stories to tell.

Will start off with how much sailing we have done lately! Due to the poor condition of the River Murray lake sailing has been hard to do - need water. I was very upset to see people walking and riding bikes on the area of Goolwa lake where we sail, where I learned to sail as well!

Here's Kym sailing in the channel on a south westerly.

We have started sailing at the Coorong, Sugars beach, end of the Murray River. Its nice to sail in sea water, very refreshing. Some excellent speed sailing conditions at Sugars as well. I cracked a 28 knot run on Sunday, much to Kym's disgust, as her personal best was only 26.2 knots :) Who says we arent competitive?

I have made significant improvements with my sailing this summer, successfully completing at least 8 gybes this year alone.....woot!

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