Saturday, 13 September 2008

Resume normal service please

Oh yeah!

Well, after 5 - 6 weeks of 'what the hell am I doing with my life' talk and the reality that I will be living in Adelaide instead of packing up my (our) lifes to moving to Maui anytime soon, I have decided to get out of teh doldrums and Harden the fuck up!

After returning from Maui in 2006, I had a few problems getting back into the swing of things, was uninterested in work, fitness, wanted to just go sailing all know the feeling. It took me only a few weeks to get back into normal Adelaide life. Now after spending 3 weeks in Maui and having the best holiday of my life, the time to retuen to 'life' has taken 5 weeks!

I must admit, life in SA has been pretty fine, I have had some cool work functions, a day at the horse races (and getting paid for it) some cool lunches with frineds and clients, I have had some sailing time, a cool session at seacliff last week, I have the city to bay running race this weekend (probably do some training), but the best thing about the last 5 weeks has been coffee! So I dedicate this post to my trusty coffee machine...

Aint she a beauty? I have had this cheapie sunbeam special for about three years now, best $199 I ever spent. Makes a bloody good brew. There is such an art to making the ultimate home made Machiatto or flat white (thats a latte for you seppo cafe crawlers)

Step One: Have good fresh coffee, freshly ground if possible, or I cheat and use Vittoria espresso blend. Pack tightly in the coffee cup, making sure you twist the wedge when packing, turn on machine and make espresso (short black) fill 3/4 of cup (use proper cups)

Step two: make sure a good creme is covering the top of the shot, other wise its a waste of time, gotta have a cream!

Step 3: Fill the milk jug half full and start the milk frother (technical term) and start frothing, making sure to have the steam sitting just on the surface of the milk, heat milk while frothing until unable to touch bottom of the stainless steel frother.

Pour milk into side of coffee cup, making sure to make pretty patterns, patterns are important! Notice crema on coffee, num num num!

Drink while reading paper.


fswp said...

tssss, you spilled some... :):)

but what do you have to complain, at least you guys have good weather, we on the other hand have no wind, no sun only rain :(

grtz from belgium

cammar said...

Thank god I don't drink coffee anymore, otherwise I would be the first case of Italian envying the coffee making skills of an Australian!!!

Glad you're back at appreciating life there. Remember, it could always be worse...

PS. Correct spelling: macchiato.

George Markopoulos said...

gotta love a nice strong brew of coffee. no cream though please

Savannah said...

Good words.