Sunday, 26 October 2008

A fun Day at Goolwa Lake

Had a nice sail at Goolwa with a few friends today, 25 knot (at times) North Westerly seems to be the new norm at Goolwa, normally on works on a SW, but the NW enables you to sail up what is called Aggies creek, a remnant creek for yester year.

Had a great time, blasting around with Hamish and his dad (thanks for these photos Peter, you have a talent behind the camera!)

Note to self, need to apply more down haul, that sail looks so baggy!

I put on a 'Lano Gybe Clinic' today! Today was definitley a day where things started to click into place! Even nailed a few tacks as well. I really feel that I am progressing quickly with my sailing now, this summer is shaping up to be a great one for sailing!

Local photographer Susie Burgher was out at Days St on Saturday just before the wind dissappeared, heres a sample of her work, new lense doing the trick!

Timmy smacks another lip, he is ripping it up at the moment!

Love this photo! Looks so fast!

Dean Ryles out the back on his twinser

and again!

Middleton Bay, South Australia, not a bad place to be at all!


George Markopoulos said...

nice! i was about to hit you up for a sailing post! i wanna see some down under sailing action. Looking forward to more.

nice looking sail too.

Lano said...

Thanks George, some of your recent posts have inspired me to take more photos and put them up on the blog.

That was the second use of that sail, still yet to get it dialed. It does feel pretty special though.

James Court said...

nice shots looks like one of our locals in a cross offshore