Thursday, 2 October 2008


I heard a terrible noise when I got home last night, like a growling, moaning sound coming from across the road. I parked the car, crossed the road and stood in the gully looking into the gum trees. Now it was pretty dark so I couldnt see too well, but I could make out a shape up the top that look very Koala like. They are in the spring mating season and the males are fighting for the right to the 'ladies' in the neighbourhood, other lady Koala's. They sound like a group of seals in a David Attenborough doco, its quite an amazing sound.

The 'fella' Koala's can really put on a show when they fight for territory and the right to mate, we have seen them year on year fighting in the trees next to our house. They get very boisterous and tend to fall out of trees attached to each other, scratching and clawing at each other. I will try and get them in this practice over the coming weeks.

Here's one of the fellas this morning, pretty sure he was fast asleep when I found him, as you can see he wasnt that impressed when I woke him up, poor guy nearly fell out the tree!

Just as I woke him up, nearly falls off his perch,

I am sure if he knew how he would have flipped me the bird about now


George Markopoulos said...

Amzing that you have them right around where you live! Is there ever the chance that these animals could mistake humans as a threat?
Hope you're getting some good action on the water down there. Our season is just rockin up here.
Oh, we go year round up here, and winter time is the best for strong wind on the east coast.

Sharon said...

Woah nice bit of leg your fellas showing there....maybe it’s not the lady Koala’s he’s trying to impress?!

Bloody good post mate, I’ll have to got to the crater and snap a Nene to beat this one.

I just ordered my 3rd camera, a Cannon SX10 IS (I'm so picky)third times the charm.

cammar said...

Sharon, why is a koala in Lano's backyard exotic and the spiders in my bathroom gross?
Shitwise, I'm sure they produce more!