Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final post of the year, just wanted to say have a great holiday break and a Happy New Year everyone.

We are currently on a few weeks holiday, enjoying family and friends, windsurfing heaps, eating and drinking way too much and catching up on lots of sleep.

We had a good friend of ours come and stay with us for a few days this week, Megan. She is currently working in Far North Queensland, so its not often we see her. It has been so good having her here, sharing her love of shoes and her new camera.

Megan and Phoebe.

Here's me serenading her, goo goo ga joo!

Christmas this year was at Kyms mum and dads down at Inman Valley, just out of Victor Harbour, we had a beautiful lunch of Turkey and roasted veggies, topped off with my dads now legendary Pavlova, twas delicious! All this was topped off by a late afternoon walk along the reef at Encounter Bay. One of the best christmas' ever. I did really well in the present department. Kym got me a 430 skinny mast with a skinny Chinook base, so excited! I also got Guitar Hero from Kyms family, if you havent played this yet, get onto it, its a hoot!

Christmas Day walk at Encounter Bay

'Livin on a prayer!!!!!!!!' Guitar Hero getting another work out

Da Pav
Heres the girls singing some random Madonna song, not sure Abbey knows the words :) very cute though,
Have a great New years everyone!


George Markopoulos said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Dave.

And Happy New Year!

Lano said...

Cheers George, same to you mate, keep in need a Facebook profile!

George Markopoulos said...

yah, everyone tells me to do the facebook thing. its just that i have so much time invested in the blog, i can't imaagine starting from scratch with facebook. so much work involved i think.

Anonymous said...

life is not canseld with out wind .