Wednesday, 10 December 2008

South Australian Social Windsurfers Family Day

West Lakes family day..

Well last Sunday we had the inaugural SA Social Windsurfing club family day, wind wasnt forecast, so we were expecting to rock up at West Lakes (not the best spot in the world, but very family friendly), so we were hoping really for a few newbies and a float around the lake. Well, it blew 15 knots all day, at one time we had 15 sailors on the lake, three or four new comers and a heap of kids. Russ cooked up a BBQ, Pete from ONBOARD supplied boards and sails to try, so did the GLASCRAFT guys, was good to see Leeanne out as well with her kids.

Bubs Senior gets some action in the TC Runner......only board to get planning all day

The crowd going wild......

Phoebe seemed to be having fun, think she was more interested in jelly fish than sailing though.

After 5 hours of family fun we made the call to hit the wind and waves at Semaphore, it looked windy, but not quite enough, so we made the call to hit Seacliff for a seabreeze session. Great 20-25 knot SW wind for three hours, both Kym and I had a great sail. I have been sailing flat water a bit much lately, so sailing on the smaller kit was challenging to say the least. I had Kyms 93 JP FSW (07) and my new 5.7 Firefly. Steve and Kym rocked up, Susie and Dean were already out, as well as a few other crew, so a good group to sail with
I got a few nice turns in, nearly made some gybes on the small board (aim for end of summer, gybe small kit), also popped a few little jumps, destroyed a 25cm fin on the rocks and had a smile on my face the whole time :)

Cant wait for this weekend, good SW conditions set to kick in come Saturday!


George Markopoulos said...

Dave-looks warm! although I think the next time I'll be sailing in shorts will next year. We are eyeing a trip to maui in april!

Here in maryland today its 40 degrees, and tomorrow a bit colder, but windy and i'm going sailing! I haven't sailed in over 2 weeks now, and thats the longest I've been off the water is as long as I can rememeber.

Lano said...

It was warm, around 24 degrees. Maui in April huh? What about June / July? I am starting to sew the seed for another Maui holiday around then, would be great to hook up.....

Looks windy for this weekend, hoping to hit the speed channel on Saturday, get some flat water blasting on the FSW to get it dialed.

There has been a 5 metre white pointer spotted three time on the mid coast where we sailed on Sunday (Seacliff), so might give the ocean a rest for a few weeks for him to clear out .....

George Markopoulos said...

Dave, when i said 40 degrees, thats farenheit. Looks like your 24degrees is celcius. translated, its FREEZING here!

yeah, we used to go to maui in june/july, in fact, i was there the summer you where there and film robby at kanaha. the one where he had his keys in his mouth!
i was even at kanaha that day. funny huh. i'll have to review some of the pics we have from that day. maybe i'll see your kit on the beach!

but after i did maui this past february, i'm having a need to ride those awesome waves again. Just hope they aren't too big as they where on a couple of days that trip. see my blog archives from february for pictures.!