Sunday, 22 July 2007

Holidays Day 1

Started a week of holidays today, well yesterday really......went down the coast looking for wind and as the photos suggest there wasnt too much around! Gorgeous day at Middleton Point though.
Interesting trip down to south coast, got to the end of the freeway, Noarlunga, and could feel a real wobble coming from the front end and then banging, not good me thinks. So after my mechanical skills were tested, ie finding the button to release the bonnet, I found that the CV boot on the passenger side was torn off and the drive shaft looked a bit worse for wear. So a limp home for 20kms at about 50kms an hour. Only just made it, was making a hell of a racket when we got up the drive way. Mechanics did warn me a few weeks ago that this might happen. I feel an expensive week coming on......
Anyway heres a few shots of Middleton Beach today......

A few sets came through, only about 2 feet at the most, the mal riders were dominating.

This is the view from the carpark back to Goolwa and Day street.

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Sharon said...

Lano: The swell might have only been 2ft but what nice long lines, plenty of room...yes?

BTW, what happened on the other six days.....dammit man, entertain me!