Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Not a lot of wind to try out my new board this last month, have only managed two outings, the first at a local kiter beach in 10 knots, a bit disheartening, and another effort on the weekend at Beachport, two blistering runs in very shallow fin destroying water in Lake George (was all going well until my boom ties snapped in the jaws of the boom clamp)

Very happy with the performance of the new board, feels really light and responsive. I have only done a few runs on it, but already feel comfortable on it. Quick onto the plain, but not as quick as the old Bic. Yet to really put the hammer down on it. I will get a good run on it soon, fingers crossed, looking good for this Sunday.

Heres a few photos of the last couple of weeks activities....kicking off with last weekend catching up with my sister Fiona. Heres Kym and Fiona on the back beach at Beachport.

Back beach again, place called Post Office Rock, Lochie and the fam doing a bit of Dune sliding!

Kym and I laxing on the beach, looks cold eh?

A very dead puffer fish on the beach at dust bowls.

The track down to the back beach coast line. This is a fairly easily accesable track with any kind of four wheel drive, the little subbie (Subaru) did it with ease. One thing that really dissappointed me was the amount of dead Wombats on the roads around beachport this season. I heard from a local that the rabbit colesi (spelling) virus is affecting them this year, I saw 5 dead Wombats in and around Beachport. To me they looked like the had been run over by speeding drivers and four wheel drive enthusiasts. I have only seen two live Wombats in the wild, so to see 5 dead ones in one weekend was distressing! Slow down people.

Lake George, still abit shallow, but still sailable. This is the Saturday, 7th July, just as a squall came in, I am in the water somewhere there, broken boom fitting, trudging back in the mud. Nice rainbow though

The wagon on the spit at Lake George, not much wind, or water to speak of! Lachie doing his best to get the car bogged!


Sharon said...

Look how sexy and sweet Mrs. Lano is :-)
The last pici looks like there was no one around but you buggers, very cool.

sister Fi said...

What a great w/end. I'm thinkin Beachport is a pretty spesh place. Looking forward to a beach bonfire by the dunes hopefully at Christmas!
Luv ya work!