Friday, 13 July 2007

I love coffee

After reading another blog regarding ethically sourced coffee, I though what a great time to introduce you to our local coffee shop. I spend many hours and money in this place! It is Illy on Waymouth, a chain cafe in the city, right next door to my work building! I love you coffee bean, you are my reason for exisiting! Strong flat white all the way!


Sharon said...

Excellent-I'll have a vanilla latte please and you can put that on Lano's tab.

Sharon said...

PS: Nice poufs!

Lano said...
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Lano said...

I actually do have a tab here! You get this cool credit card thing that gives you credits for coffees and stuff. Because its representaive of a 10% saving its a bit scary when you realise you have $30 credit, which equates to having spent $300. That was only after 2 weeks! I have issues!

I like those poufs too, they would suit my decor!


sister Fi said...

Coffe -did you say coffe - you have to check out our 1959 Boema espresso machine-it's a lot of work but hey there is nothing more essential than the real deal at sunrise.
Yes your coffee spot does have nice poufs-but what about back support -this is my concern!!!

Lano said...

hey sista, if you have two poufs for each buttock you should be ok....oh dear, thats gonna cause a reaction.

Welcome to the blog sis, great to see you last week.