Saturday, 22 November 2008

More pics from Milang weekend

After spending three days in 'the editing suite' earlier this week, I thought I would post up some pics from the weekend in Milang, as I am not sure the video did the weekend justice.

Hoping to get into the ocean today for some bump and jump action, the last few weeks of flat water have been great for tightening up on a few technique issues, ie Gybes and tacks, so feeling better about a bit of seawater.

Demo gear getting thrashed (I mean responsibly used)

Kiters on the beach. This shot really shows the plight of the River Murray and how dire the situation is with the lack of water. Those sand bags in the fore ground are meant to be a breakwaters to stop erosion. The water level has dropped about two meters in the last year. Global warming and drought coming to a town near you.

It pays to have your name on your kit, as it could be presumed 'Demo', one poor chap, Kym from Barmera had his new 09 FSW JP ready to go on the beach, goes up to get his GPS or a drink, comes back to find it has been tested already, so didnt get to christen it :(

Kym with the Quatro, not sure it was in its element on the flat water.....

Kym cranking on the 5.0

Sam Doeke, a very fast man and a top bloke

Susie coming in for a rest

Simon testing the new 09 pryde sails, it does match his board, could be an expensive summer the way he was charging around all day! (Also looks like Simon is Kiting at the same time, what a talented chap!)

Kym getting back in to the swing of things

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