Wednesday, 19 November 2008

ONBOARD - Milang Demo Day

ONBOARD, our local windsurf and kite shop had their 09 Demo day at sleepy Milang on teh weekend. Wind gods were on our side with steady 19-23 SW on the Saturday, then a little lighter for Sunday. Kym, Phoebe and I stayed in a little cabin in the Caravan site, just over the road form the rigging area, thnaks Milang Caravan Park.

Pete had rigged up all of his nice new Neil Pryde sails, Flys's, Firefly's, V8's and Alpha's as well as supplied some sweet new JP Supersross' and X-cite rides. About 40 sailors made the trek as well as 20 odd kiters (which made for a tight often slightly dangerous launch area) - But knowone died!

Heres a video I put together of the weekend, I will post up some pics later. And yes, appologies for the sound track, Foo Fighters again, but I wasnt feeling too creative when editing the footage). If anyone can give me some tips with editing Sony Hi Def footage, it would be muchly appreciated :)


George Markopoulos said...

Nice Dave-
I'd love to be able to have so many people to sail with. Around here in Deleware, its unusual to have 10 on the water at one time.
Unheard of to have 20. Maybe back in the day (early 90s') but sadly, now the kiters outnumber us.

On your post, you mention 40 windsurfers, and 20 kiters. Is that a good representative sample of the ratio between the two sports down there?

Lano said...

Hey George, not at all, kiters are now way more prevalent than windsurfers, but we are on the way back here in SA. Some good signs of a rejuvination, lots of kids, lots of girls etc getting into the sport.

George Markopoulos said...

yep, i think its on the way back here as well, and that one one of the reasons i enjoy blogging.
Not only as a personal diary, but also to promote the stoke and pass it on!

Lano said...

Same george, good clean fun....We always wonder why not everyone is doing it!?

Sharon said...

What poor bugger drew the short straw and had to be 'the human bouy'? Kym's inspiring me with her gybes.

Andy said...

It's great to see such a crowded beach! And it's great that no-one died, too!!

Lano said...

We have a good thing happening here in Adelaide....lots of new people getting into the sport

check out and click through to the SA Section, thats where you will find us all.

Kyms Gybes are coming on just fine Sharon, now just need to flatten them out so she can power away from them.