Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Kym hits the reef!

Well Saturday turned out to be a great day out, Southerly, highish tide and a little wave on the mid coast, Seaford reef to be exact. We set up with about 8 other fanatics, Kym rigged up her trusty 4.4 Core, then proceeded to hit the waves. Cant see us doing to many more flat sessions after this one, she is totally hooked on the waves now (I had better lift my game)

U-Turns is about 25 minutes south of Adelaide, just south of Noarlunga. This is great for us, as its close to home, nothing better than being in the water 30 minutes after leaving home. We sail all over the state, mainly on the south coast, which means a one hour drive, so mid coast is looking like a good option this year.

Crew heading out

Dean Ryles showing us all how its done....fark he is a good sailor!

The view from Seaford back towards Southport / Noarlunga, breath taking coast line.


Andy said...

Looks like a fun spot to work on those port tack loops!!

George Markopoulos said...

yeah, and port is my good side..

hey Dave, that spot looks pretty sweet. Niiiiice.

thxs for the post, interesting to see the spots you have down there, and yep, once you get time on the water in the ocean, the baby pool just doesn't do much for anymore.

i like to look at those shallow water venue sessions as just training, be it working on your transitions, or just making the calluses on your hands tougher, all geared to really rockin in the ocean.

Anonymous said...

grate shots.