Friday, 25 July 2008

Flatbread and more stalking

The girls get a coffee fix at Pauwela, triple shot lattes all round.

Another good couple of days, with you will never guess, MORE WINDSURFING!

The wind has been as Chris puts it....'Cracker Lacking', blowing around the 25-30 knot range most of yesterday and slighty less on Tuesday. I have been sailing on gear much smaller than at home, 4.7 and 5.0 were the call of the day yesterday in the strongest winds so far on the trip, must admit, I didnt enjoy it too much yesterday, pretty gusty and hard work, but had a good couple of runs later in the day.

We have been using a couple of demo boards from Quatro, a 75 ltr Freestyle Wave and a 95 ltr Freestyle Wave, OH MY GOD! these boards are amazing, everyone in the group has had a go and now wants to buy one. It makes our hire boards, which arent too shabby, look second rate. The Quatro's have all taken our sailing to new levels even in the space of only a few days. I am finding that I can hold a higher line when trying to pinch up wind (thus not having to walk back from lowers everytime I sail - 'The Walk of Shame'), I can get on a plane quicker, the foot straps are minimal and simple (centre fitted as well, which I love) and although not the quickest board out, they are so user friendly, even confident to pump a few chop hops intentionally! Kym is looking seriously at the 75 ltr, Chris is buying the 75ltr, Arlo is weighing up a custom 09 model or a 85 ltr 08 model. Pascal at the Quatro shop has been so helpful, bloody top bloke.

Levi Siver was our next stalking victim yesterday. Chris spotted the Red Bull stickered sailor in the carpark around 2pm and ran up to get me. We both trundled up to say hi, he was back early from Canaries / Pozo, didnt say why, maybe homesick, or heard that we were in town, who knows. I do get the feeling the Hawaiians dont like the Canaries much. Levi was kind enough to stop for a chat before he went out on his new twinser and a 4.2. (Note to self: Always carry camera in Kanaha Carpark) Got a few snaps as he came out of the water..

Levi shares a shower with some sailors,

Drum roll please................................

.....Caught up with the Maui Blogging community on Tuesday night, Sharon, Michelle, Ulli, Hannah and Nick, no Giampaulo as he was feeling ill, poor chook, hopefully we can catch up later in the week. Was great to finally meet everyone, we all had such a great night, lots of stories, experiences, life changing moments were shared over pork pizza and Big Swell Ales, was truly the best night of the trip by far.
We learned a few tricks from Sharon about the art of stalking, as we watched in amazement her behaviour when a certain 'hot young gun' walked in the room, cameras in handbags, over the shoulder snaps, it was very educational and we will certainly use the techniques gained in our remaining time on Maui.

Hannah and Sharon, subtlety not a strong point :)
The man of mystery....

The girls share a laugh, Meesh, Hannah and Sharon. Arlo lost something,

Stalking tip number 468 : When using face detection camera, be aware that face prints on T- Shirts cause confussion on camera, take lots of photo's of t-shirts to prove point. Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Arlo on a 3.5 and a 77 ltr board, will it ever happen again?

Hot chick at Kanaha.


Sharon said...

LOL- so busted! Lay-no, you are a funny bastard. I'm coming to sail with you buggers this weekend not only for the exceptional company but to kick one of you of a Quatro for 10 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

just checked once more your blog - stoked to hear that the Quatro boards improved your sailing that much!

Thanks as well for the comment about my humble self :)

Don't despair, Spring is around the corner down under.