Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Day 10 in Maui

Hmmmmmm Daquaries anyone?

Winds have been light for a week now, with a few exceptions (Sunday and Wednesday last week) so we have just been cruising around, not rushing to the beach to be in the water by 11am like we should be! Phoebe had her windsurfing camp last week and is backing up again next week for another session. Good for her to meet lots of other kids her age and interested in windsurfing.

I have finally got my self sorted with sailing this place, I think I am too used to 20 knots, dead flat water and big boaty boards. Here, there are no such conditions, there is chop, stronger winds and to get through all of that you need to have a smaller board. Its taken me a week, but I have stuck with some hire kit that I can handle. I am sailing a 93 ltr Free Style Wave (102 ltr on lighter days) and using a 5.2 and 5.6 Neil Pryde Core. I am in love with skinny masts!!!!!!!!

I have tried quite a bit of different equipment sicnce being here, Starboard 122 ltr Futura, Ezzy sails (:() Naish 111 ltr boards, even tried a super freak sail from Hot Sails Maui, but it was too light. Keith at Quatro offered to let us demo some boards this week, so we are all keen to see what they can do for us. Also the new Goya sails look amazing, christmas is just around the corner.

We went to Ocean World on Sunday to check out the Sharks and other fish that hang out around the islands, such a huge abundance of marine live around here. Turtles, Catfish, Tuna, killer crustaceans - actually most things around here are capable of stinging, spiking or chewing you.

Heres a few of the most recent pics

More killer fish at Ocean World.......

Afternoonses at Oyster Bar Lahaina, great view from up on the second floor rooftop garden....

Surf at Lahaina

Phoebe at Sprecks

Kym and Anita stalking people again.........

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