Thursday, 3 July 2008

North Haven - One week to go!

What is it with the wind in winter? We have wind all week, 20-25 knot SW winds all week, then come the weekend, nothing! We decided to capitalise on the northerly winds that were blowing on the weekend and headed up to our northern most beach on the metro coast, North Haven. Great little spot popular with the kiters, dead flat water, a cool very tiny wave and nice sandy beaches.

Have also been checking the Maui wind cam a bit lately......what is going on over there? Where is the wind? To me it looks like three days in a row with no wind, didnt know this happened in summer, still no reason to cancel our it?
Here's me rigging up for an epic session in 5 knots of wind! ooooh I found a dollar!

My sail caddy.....Kym.....anywhere on the beach please

Another boat load of containers leave outer harbour. Big fckn boat

Phoebe gets in some Dakine practice...not sure we will be needing this jacket in a weeks time


Sharon said...

Lano: Touch base once you've all caught your breath so we can hook up. Look for my green sail at Kanaha, if there's wind I'll be there! GP may be on Oahu until early next week, but we don't need him to crack a few beers and have some laughs!

Kanaha Kai Maui said...

What's up Lano, are you in Maui yet? Looks like the wind might be a little stronger tomorrow. See you in the water.

Take care bruddah!


Lano said...

leaving tomorrow! weather looks a bit light for the next few days :(

Kanaha Kai Maui said...
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Kanaha Kai Maui said...

Hey Lano,

Stop by the shop whenever you get a chance. did you get out sailing today, looked small but fun. It looks like a fun South swell should hit us soon. See you in the water.

take care,
Kanaha Kai Maui

Lano said...

We will drop in tomorrow Juan if we get a chance, keen to say Hi! still recovering from travel, just got in :)