Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Maui - Where its at!

We are finally here and settled into our digs up in Haiku. It is so good to be back in this tropical island paradise, it is so amazing this place. The people are friendly, the food is healthy and cheap (thanks to our strong Aussie dollar) and the sailing has been great. The flight over was quite un eventful, a bit too long a stop over in Sydney, which sort of unavoidable, but the Sydney - Honolulu leg was a breeze, then a quick trip through immigration and customs and we were on a flight to Maui. We decided to pack as much into our day on day one, so we picked up our cars, picked up our windsurfing hire equipment and did a small shop, needless to say we slept pretty good on the Friday night!

We have two pretty dodgey hire vans from Al Wests, but they are perfect for what we need, great for throwing sandy 5 rigs in the back and comfy enough for tired sailors slumped in the back.

The house we have rented is great, up in the hills away from the hustle and bustle of Maui, Kahalui and Kihei. Not so good if we have a few beers and go out, but if we sail all day, cant really see us lasting past 9pm anyway. All very comfortable, our hosts are great as well.

Phoebe is having a ball, I seriuosly dont know how a kid can stay in the water for 6 hours at a time? She is such a trooper. We will be getting a bigger body board for her to catch the waves at Kanaha and maybe a fish net so she can catch our dinner every night :)

...And biggest news is I ran into Sharon sailing at lowers, spotted the green Superfreak cruising the bay, so wandered on down with Phoebe to say hi, was so good to finally meet you Sharon, hoping we can catch up over the next few weeks to spin a few stories and sink a few ales. Maybe a BBQ somwhere after a sail? That goes for all you Maui Bloggers and friends.. davenkym@internode.on.net if you are keen.

And the other big news.....WE MET JASON POLAKOW! All of us went to Safeway to grab some supplies, we pulled into the car park and this black ute pulls up next to us, Chris gets out and just starts talking to this guy, we are not to sure who he is talking to, turns out it was JP, so Chris then tells him his complete life story in twenty seconds, he is so accomodating, walks into the shop with is, I handed him a shopping basket (calling him 'Jase' in the process - so Aussie!) He was grabbing a few beers and supplies, said his ribs were too sore hence not being in Canaries. We were all so stoked, couldnt believe we all got to meet the man himself, he said we could catch him at Hookipa when its going off......not sure I will do that, but Chris and Kym might.


cammar said...

You can catch me too at Hookipa when it's going off...

Sorry, just trying to be as cool as Jase.

You can catch me at Kanaha teaching beginners...

Ok, that's more like me!

Sharon said...

Stars everywhere you turn! Thanks for the top billing over JP, that's classic you ran into him - what a welcome!

Lane-o, great to finally give you a hug mate! Hey, get your arses to the MACC tomorrow night for the movie 5pm or 7:30pm movie 'Surfwise'. www.mauiarts.org

We definately need to hook up this week and hang out, I propose U & M's pad or yours it looks sweeeet.

George Markopoulos said...

I met JP as well back in February.
Was very nice guy.