Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Not so windy, but plenty of swell south side

Maui - kym and a bit of surfing at La Perouse from Dave Lane on Vimeo.

Wind has been a bit light, especially for us heavy weights, so the girls have been scoring in the lighter winds and on our bigger gear,

After a few good days of sailing we decided to check out the south side as well, we werent left dissappointed, some great surfers in the place.

Could be another light day tomorrow, so might head south for a gentle surf session at Kehei......

I have a head cold....who gets a cold in Maui?


Andy said...

that's a pretty wave!!

George Markopoulos said...

That's the great thing about Maui, never dissapointed,even when the wind doesn't blow. I'd look for to those days to rest my weary body for the intense sailing

cammar said...

Thanks Lano for showing my fav wave in the world... haven't found one quite like that in Oahu yet... but the search is still on!

Sandy said...

Hi Lane family,
Sounds like you are having a fun holiday. Phoebe we are waiting to see a photo of you on the new boogy board. Not too many sleeps until your birthday. Thinking of you.
Room 15

Room 15 said...

Happy Birthday Phoebe for the 21st. You only have 2 more sleeps. We hope you have a fun day surfing. We all miss you.
From everyone in Room 15.