Saturday, 20 June 2009

It just keeps getting better

Hitching a ride....

Waiting for the set wave

Class of 09, all these kids are great sailors!


Sorry for the lack of posting, but I have been so stuffed at the end of the day, just enough time (and energy) to check blog, Facebook, email, then off to bed.....

Basically our routine is now, get up at 7.30am, breakkie, take Phoebe to windsurfing lessons, sit on beach to watch that while watching the world go by, sail for 3-4 hours in afternoon, have beer o'clock at 5-6pm, home for dinner, shower, bed. Everyday!

Its Phoebes birthday on Sunday, so its 'do what ever she wants to do day', looks like Ocean World at Maaleea is going to get a work out, as well as Pinata's for dinner. The wind is looking like it will be nuclear force on Sunday with a predicted 35-45mph forecast (depending on who you talk to) so Sunday might be a good day to rest.

This is not a walk of shame by any stretch! I was down at lowers practicing gybes, managing to pull 4 out of 10 attempts (100% gybes not far away - a lesson might just sort this all out)

I sailed on a 4.7 today, which is rare for me, but not in Maui! It was awesome winds yesterday, averaging at least 30 knots all day, and peaking at around the 43 knots mark. I managed to sail up to the waves at Camp One for the first time ever. Had a bit of a play in the waves, but was too over powered when I got there to try too much, so just cruised around watching the guys jumping and riding the small waves. Super cool, easily the best sail of the trip. Its best described in video, I too lots of footage, so I will try and get it up tonight.

Big Goya and Quatro Demo day planned for today, so will get some cool piccies and board / sail reports for you all.

is that right? (sign on Paia corner)

Til tomorrow.......


George Markopoulos said...

Happy birthday Phoebe!

i scored a great sesh at Assateague yesterday. See my blog for pics. But yeah, i knew you where to exhausted to post up a report with pics. Sounds like you're completely dialed. Congrats on the gybe progess, and the trek up to camp one. Upwind isn't so difficult, but then you gotta scream back downwind, and that can get scary!

thxs for the report. keep em comin

Janis Markopoulos said...

Dave, George's daughter's b/day is Saturday. I'm hooking them up for a b/day and Father's Day adventure at Terrapin Adventures

stay tuned for photos. hope we don't get rained out.

you're getting into the maui groove. that's what happens when you go there. You'll never want to come home. One day, we will live there.

Megan said...

Please tell Phoebe I said happy birthday and I'm sending her a huge hug and kiss for her birthday xoxoxoxox

Mr_Wolly said...

hei headin up to Adelaide nxt wk..whers the best place to windsurf ther?any rules for Aussie waters?is ther any windsurf equipment shop at Gleagle?stayin at Hilton Hotel Dwntwn in front of the tram station...tks..

Lano said...

Hey Mr Wolly, plenty of places to sail in Adelaide, but nowhere to hire gear, let me know what days you will be there and I might be able to scrounge some stuff up for you, we will be back in town on the 2nd July, keen for a sail on the weekend of the 4th and 5th if you are around......Dave