Monday, 22 June 2009

Phoebe's 7th birthday

Kym on the Naish

Pavillions at sunset on Friday, some nice swell kicked in today

These crabs at Kanaha will never be the same again! Pretty sure we have caught them all now

The advantages of having a holiday in Maui and combining your 7th birthday are numerous. Firstly, you get to hang out on a beach and swim in nice warm water all day, play with the other kids on vacation, have windsurfing lessons, boogy board, catch fish, crabs and other marine life. But secondly and most importantly, you get to have two birthdays, as Maui is 10 hours behind Adelaide time, Phoebe has wangled a 48 hour birthday extraveganza! Saturday 20th (Maui time) was presents and dinner at the Paia Fish Cafe, followed by gelati over the road. Today is going to be even bigger, we have named it Phoebe Day! Firstly, breakfast at Anthony's, most likely belgian waffles and fruit, whipped cream with a passion guava chaser. Then off to Ocean World for the day, followed by a lazy afternoon in Lahaina - gonna be a big day.

Sailing has been great the last few days, with winds in the 25-35 knots range, all of us well powered up. Kym has been back on her 65 ltr board (currently using a naish wave pro) and her 3.6 mtr sail. I struggled a bit on a 4.7 yesterday, never thought that would happen, might need to look at downsizing the board to an 86 ltr, but I love the 92ltr, its just too big for the chop.
Arlo and Anita are flying along on 77 ltr boards and 3.4 and 4.2 sails, so the trades are definately filling in now.
Yesterday at Kanaha there was a round of the Maui Racing Series. These guys and girls are amazing, so much action in yesterdays racing, especially in the Pro and Semi Pro division. Kevin Pritchard took out the meet, on borrow gear, his brothers boom, an old proto Starboard and one of his spare race sails (he only had a 6mtr) - So to beat the like of Mcgain, Bozianis and Agillera was a pretty special effort.

Paia looking back towards Kahalui


Room 15 said...

Hi Phoebe,
We think your birthday sounded like it was lots of fun. It is cold here so we are happy you are getting lots of warm weather to windsurf and ride your boogy board. Breakfast sounded yummy. You are still in bed while we are packing up and getting ready to go home. Miss you. Room 15

George Markopoulos said...

Looks windy!

Lano said...

It is very windy here at the moment, no complaints though

Cris said...

Happy Birthday Phoebe!! That was a great celebration at Maui.. You really enjoyed the party, I can see it into your smiles and most especially Phoebe's.