Sunday, 28 June 2009

Say it isnt so!

My usual 'walk off shame' pose! In my defence, it has been super gusty, I fly out about 600 metres, jumps, planing all the way, turn (its nice to gybe on 3 metre high swells), then try come back in, point down wind to get going, end up pushing too far downwind and ending up near the kiters!

The locals are always saying, rig big, its not that windy, but you look out and it looks like a white out! The wind has had a fair bit of north in it, meaning, apparently, that the wind looks stronger that it actually is!

Kym in usual flat out mode.....

With only 4 days to go on our holiday, the thoughts of leaving this amazing island are starting to surface. We have really scored with the wind, sailing all but one day this trip and even that day we could have sailed (as it was 35knots all day!), but it was Phoebes birthday!

Its Saturday now, the wind looks not too bad this morning, for the rest of the day, should be similar to the last 3 days, sort of light, but nicely powered up on a 5.2. The following 2-3 days are looking a bit light, so we could be resuming the mantle of 'tourists'.

Looking for divine inspiration, Not sure he found it.....

Over the past three days we have sailed a fair bit, we did manage to get up to 'The Needle' for a squiz at the river and the park up in the western highlands. Lovely spot.

Ricko rocked up for a week, on his way to the mainland for a family break, so we have got him a beginner kit and a few sails, so he can too shred up Kanaha. Rick did have a lesson, but
really didnt need one, as he pretty much jumped on the board, threw a few tacks, a few gybes and then worked on his beach starts, all in the first hour! Show off!

Nearly in the footstraps and harness on day two! Nice one mate!

These guys were going so fast the didnt even realise they had run out of water!

Stuart had a bin named after thoughtful

And just to show you some of my progress.......If only we could sail everyday for three weeks back in Adelaide.


Janis Markopoulos said...

Nice Gybe!

Megan said...

Please give your beautiful wife a big kiss and a hug for me and tell her I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (for the 3rd!)

lots of love and hugs