Wednesday, 10 June 2009

We are on our way

I love this sign

Thanks to Kevin Rudds stimulus packages we are off to Maui for trip three. Its just strted getting really cold here in Adelaide, so its perfect timing to be getting into some warm sunshine and into some nice water. Just have a few hours before we jet off, so thought I would put up a few random photos to get us (you) in the mood.......might go chuck the windsurfing movie on as well!

Kym enjoying a frosty at Kehei

Arlo sorting his kit.........

Lano at Kanaha

Kym at Kanaha

This where I will be if you need me :)


NB said...

Janis Markopoulos said...

Hi Lano and Kym! This is George's wife Janis and I'll be tagging along with you virtually, if that's ok. I'm so excited for you.

I'll be expecting daily posts and I'd like to see pictures of you visiting Tedeschi Vineyards near Kula and drinking a bottle of Maui Splash!

Also, when you get into Kihei, take some pictures of Pita Paradise. Yummy food there as well as LuLu's. Don't forget to snorkel at Honoloa Bay and send photos of the awesome walk through the forest to get there. When you get there, we'll give you directions to our secret spot for snorkeling near the Maui Prince in Makena.

When we go to Maui, we get up at 5, explore til 11, eat or pack lunch, then hit the beach at either Kanaha, Sprecks or Ho'okipa!

Also, go to Anthony's in Paia and get a wrap for lunch on your way to Hana! They are delicious and don't forget to eat Blueberry Pancakes at Charley's. And send pictures of all of it!

Oh yea, take a bike tour too. Aloha Bike Tours.

Where are you staying?

George Markopoulos said...

Safe travel guys.

do you have any sailing goals this trip to improve a certain move?

George Markopoulos said...

Safe travel guys.

do you have any sailing goals this trip to improve a certain move?

Tim Hemer said...

Soooooooo jealous guys, have a great time. Look forward to hearing about your experiences when you get back.
Cheers, Tim

Lano said...

Geez, nothing like a trip to Maui to get everyone excited,

Ok, Janis, we have already crossed a few things off that list, Anthony's has been done to death for the last few trips, so has the Pauwela cafe, but Phoebe's ear pricked up when we mentioned snorkelling, so we will give that a go, not sure about Honolua, as I am friends on facebook with Honolua Bay and I get the impression that its not appreciated by the locals, plenty of other spots to explore. Tedeschi sounds good, but again, coming from a great wine region such as South Australia its hard to get excited about wine in Maui, will give a few cocktails a bash :)

George, move and progression.....hmmm, Maui what a place to work at it. I feel very fit for this trip, so I am expecting to have gybes done and dusted by week three, may work on some wave sailing and jumping.

Tim, plenty of room on the couch :)

Janis Markopoulos said...

On the south side near Makena, there is a little parking lot near the Maui Prince Hotel. If you park there and walk south along the golf course I think, this is where we snorkel. It's south of the public beach area and there is a little cove, lots of lava. Our friend Ken discovered it so we call it Ken's Cove.