Sunday, 14 June 2009

We didnt win the lotto.....

Da beach

Steve and Anita

Already the thoughts of how we can stay in Maui indefinately are creeping into our heads. Could we get jobs? (who wants to work here?) Could we buy a business? Can we get a green card? None of these ideas were appealing, let alone possible, so it was decided we had to win the english lotto. We have two tickets each Thursday for the next three weeks, that will hopefully mean we can stay here forever! Unfortunately we were unsuccessful last night, no emails from the british pools to alert us of our winnings - email must be down

Some random tourists at Kanaha

So with the knowledge of our new found wealth, we headed to Kanaha again, for another cruisey day on the beach, ran into a few Aussie, Peter Ross (OES Boards) and Ian and Michael from North Sydney, who seemed like great chaps!

Kym stalked Tatiana Howard out at the reef at uppers, as she was SUP with the Naish crew and Anita was getting run over at lowers by blind windsurfers

Money doesnt grow on trees, but harnesses do

Just get in da water!

Steaks all round

Footnote (hahah) : I am still running, trying to run at least 3kms a day, first day was a 6km horror uphill thrashing, that really wasnt appreciated and today was a 3km jog to run off the aches of sailing for the last two days - how do I stop sweating in the tropics? Tips appreciated


George Markopoulos said...

we should take the lottery angle too.

Thanks for the pics. I like the shot of Steve and Anita sitting under the shade there at Kanaha. We know that spot well! Are they on holiday for three weeks too?

Lano said...

They are on holidays and staying with us? Was hard to leave the beach today....

Sharon said...

Run Lano Run.

Great to see you buggers yesterday-keep your hands off my Tim-Tams and CYA at da beach Wed (if not before).

Anonymous said...

still living the good life without the loto

Megan said...

ummm... how to not sweat in the tropics?! good luck love!!!! Sweat is good for you!! Drink lots of water.. Hugs and kisses to you and your beautiful girls xoxoxo

Megan said...

ps.. i'm assuming when you win the lottery you'll be sending someone to my house to pack me up and move me whereever you all are right?!