Friday, 12 June 2009

Maui - A nice easy day to settle in......

Happy Lano!
After yesterdays chaos in airports, transit lounges with face masked tourists (still makes me laugh - they all look like extras in Greys Anatomy) we arrived in Maui around 1.30 yesterday afternoon, grabbed our rental car from Aloha Rental, cheap and cheerful, settled into our digs upcountry and chilled out for the afternoon watching one of 400 cable tv channels. Kym and Phoebe were trashed, but still managed to sleep through last night as well.

looks like that engine has scrapped along the tarmac a few times, we got there OK though,

Phoebe in Honolulu
I got up this morning, went for a cruisey 6km run down through some pineapple fields and Eco friendly villages - bloody hell running in the tropics is hot work, we are staying in quite a hilly area, so I might try and find some flat ground for a few of these runs. We then got ready for the beach with a quick breakie at Antony's in Paia, waffles and eggs benedict were the faves, not a bad coffee there either.

Hawaiian Island looked after our rental kit, they have a newer range this year, which was great, so much range to choose from and great friendly service. Arlo and Anita offered to pack their van with all the kit to free up some room in ours, as you can see they are very talented at the rig load......almost anal about where everything goes.....

Mr and Mrs Neat Freak

If you need me, this is where I will be for three weeks........actually, dont call....

da van

Sailing today was gusty, a 5.5 day for me though. I was on a 101 JP Freestyle wave ( I have the 92 ltr version at home). The wind was reading 16-23 mph, gusting up to 30 mph, but it was very sailable for me, I didnt get onto the water until quite late, as Kym was first into the water and I was snorkelling with Phoebe at the Keiki beach with some of the locals. Phoebe is such a treasure and is fully aware of mum and dads obsession, or is it because she just got a new boogy board and flippers from K mart!? No, she really is a legend.


Hot chicks on the beach

Arlo and his toys

I sailed till about 5.30 solid, was well powered up, popping little jumps and even nailing three gybes, tried some tacks, but was too unco to get any right, plenty of time to work on those.

Beers at the end of the day is always compulsory, it would be un-australian to not have one (2), we have set the rules though that all kit has to be packed away before we have a drink, otherwise we would never leave the carpark.

Hurry up girls, the boys are getting thristy

'Pinata's for dinner tonight, yummy and easy! Mexican food is aways good after a sail...
Till tomorrow peoples,


George Markopoulos said...

ah excellent. those signs on the wall behind you at Anthony's, we have one of those in our house in Delaware. I love Pinatas, think i order the kitchen sink every time.

So is it like absouletly perfect there? i know the answer to that question.

Sounds like you had a nice day at Kanaha. so now what, another 20 days right? so if you don't get to do something today, you can do it the day after that, or the day after that, or the day after that, or......... :)

Janis Markopoulos said...

That looks like the exact same green mini van we had on our first trip. Al's Vans? Last visit to Maui, we get our van in the airport parking lot, open the back (tired as can be after 14 hours of traveling) and low and behold a GIGANTIC CANE SPIDER IN OUR VAN! It runs up under MY SEAT! Needless to say I rode to our digs with my feet on the dash!

Lano said...

Janis, we havent encountered cane spiders yet, not looking forward to that experience. Funny about the van, if it is the same one. To turn the airconditioner on we have to give tha dash board a whack, it eventually works.

And George, yes, 20 more days of the same please, wouldnt be a bad thing eh?

chris said...

i miss pinyatas. bring me some back!!??

Janis Markopoulos said...

Dave! It's Friday. Where are all the posts?